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Query: From Jeanne Giaimis <> 26 April 1996

Hi! I am preparing to teach a Women's History course this summer whose focus is British, French and American women from the Victorian period to the Cold War. I would appreciate any thoughts on books I should look at. Thanks for your help.


Acampo, Fuchs and Stewart, Gender and the Politics of Social Reform in France, 1870-1914

Caine, Barbara, Destined to be Wives (1986), Victorian Feminists

Callan, Hilary and Ardener,Shirley,eds; The Incorporated Wife (1987)

Chaudhuri,Nupur & Strobel, M. Western Women and Imperialism (1992)

Jayawardena, Kumari , The White Woman's Other Burden: Western Women and South East Asia during British Rule (1995)

Katzenstein & Mueller, eds; The Women's Movements of the United States and Europe

Lewis, Jane, Women in England, 1870-1950 (Indiana U Press)

Lytton, Constance, Prisons and Prisoners: The Stirring Testimony of a Suffragette-1912; (1988)

Melman, Billie, Woman's Orients:English Women and the Middle East, 1718-1918, Sexuality, Religion and Work

Norton, Caroline, Caroline Norton's Defense: English Laws for Women in the 19th Century (1983)

Roberts, Mary Louise, Civilization Without Sexes (deals with period 1917-27)

Rose, Sonya, Limited Livelihoods

Ross, Eileen, Love and Toil

Smith, Bonnie G., Changing Lives (1989), Ladies of the Leisure Class (1981)

Strobel, Margaret, European Women and the Second British Empire (1991)

Taylor, Barbara, Eve and the New Jerusalem (1983)

Vicinius, Martha, Independent Women

Recommended articles:

Message from Michele Moresi <>

"I have a rather long list of articles, let me know if you need them."

Collection published by Stanford: "Victorian Women", edited by Hellerstein, Hume & Offen, covering Britain, France and the US.

Two useful article collections: "Between the Lines", eds. Higgonet, et al(deals with 2 world wars)

"Mothers of a New World", eds; Koven,Sklar,et al. (welfare states)

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