State Historical Society of Wisconsin new additions: Resources

New Aquisitions/Resources Announcement Date: 10 May 1996
From: Genevieve G McBride <>

FYI, correspondence with Emma Goldman, Margaret Sanger and other members of the Birth Control League, the Free Speech League and other organizations involved in early 20th century reproductive rights campaigns (as well as other anti-censorship and free speech activities) is among new acquisitions at the State Historical Society of Wisconsin archives, according to its latest newsletter. The recent acquisitions augment the "already extensive" collection of Ralph Ginzburg which he previously donated to the SHSW's Social Action Collection. He had collected the newly donated materials for an (unfinished) biography of Anthony Comstock, and they include legal papers of a civil liberties lawyer who cofounded the Free Speech League in 1911, as well as work journals of an agent of Comstock's New York Society for Suppression of Vice, founded 1873; the papers thus range across the issue and the decades.

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