[Editor's Note: This list in no way purports to include all the locations of papers of prominent women in history. It is intended as an additional resource for historians. See the end of the list for suggestions for further research sites.]

Alabama Dept. of Archives & History: Montgomery, Ala. [http://sgisrvi.asc.edu/archives/agis.html] Citizens of Randolph County to the Governor(Civil War, letters in Governor's files)
Espy, Sarah (Civil War diary)
Gillis, Margaret (Civil War diary)
Ladies' Aid Societies (Civil War, list of in Governor's Files)

Amistad Research Center: Tilton Hall-Tulane University[http://www.arc.tulane.edu]
Manuscript section:
[gopher://11rs.tcs.tulane.edu:1070/11/tulane%20Departments/Amistad%20] Bethune, Mary McLeod (educator, ca. 1923-42) Hamer, Fannie Lou
Mandela, Winnie
Miscellaneous Civil War Letters: Anais to Husband
Mitchell, Lise (Civil War diary)
Ogden, Warren (Misc. Civil War letters collection)
Sterling, Dorothy c.1848-1904, 1972-1987
Truth, Sojourner

Microfilm at Amistad Research Center:
National Council of Negro Women Papers

Atlanta History Center, Atlanta, GA. [http://www.atlhist.org/] Brooks, Abbie (Civil War diary)
Davidson, Julia (Civil War family papers)
Lawton, M.L. (Civil War scrapbook)
Prescott, Emma Slade (Civil War, Reminiscences)

Beinecke Rare Book and MS Library/Yale University
http://www.library.yale.edu:80/beinecke/ Davis, Sarah original, handwritten diary; 1850 westward movement from Michigan to Nevada City, CA
Frink, Margaret A. Journal microfilm; 1850 westward migration from Indiana to Sacramento, CA; original pub. at Calif. State Library, Sacramento

Bethune-Cookman College, Daytona Beach, Florida [http://www.bethune.cookman.edu] Bethune, Mary McLeod

Boston University, Special Collections Library
Anzia Yezierska Papers

Bowling Green State University, Ohio
[http://www.bgsu.edu/colleges/library/cac/cac.html] Stewart, Ella P. (1st practicing African-American pharmicist, UNESCO ambsdr)

British Library: London [http://www.bl.uk/nbs/catalist.html] Pankhursts: Emmeline and Christabel (some letters)

College of William and Mary, MS. & Rare Books, Earl Gregg Swem Memorial Library [http://swem.wm.edu/spcolhp.html]
Lee, Laura (Civil War diary)

Colorado State Archives
[http://www.state.co.us:80/gov_dir/gss/archives/arcbiog.html} Brown, Clara ca. 1800-1882 (1st black female to live in Colorado)
Griffith, Emily ca.1880-1987 (founder of Emily Griffith Opportunity School)
Sabin, Florence ca. 1871-1953 (medical researcher & humanitarian)

Columbia University Archives
Frances Perkins Papers

Columbia University, Butler Library Archives
Lillian Wald Papers

Cornell University, Dept. of Mss., J.M.Olin Library [http://rmc-www.library.cornell.edu/]
Poates, Sarah Fitch (Civil War diary, Asa Fitch family papers)

Daughters of the Republic of Texas: San Antonio [http://www.salsa.net:80/~drtl/register.html] Andrews, Isabella M. (letters)
Armstrong, Anne
Armstrong, Annette W. (family papers, 1906-69)
Armstrong, Eleanor M. (1905-09 papers)
Beretta, Sallie Ward (family papers 1845-1965)
Birdwell, Esther A.V. (pers.papers)
Bowie, Lucy Leigh (research of Bowie family)
Bringhurst, Antoinette P. Houston (daughter of Sam Houston, DAR papers)
Browne, Hetty S. (educator, writer)
Browne, Sibyl (educator and preservationist)
Crawford, Ann Fears (author,historian)
Lewis, Marta Alexander (letters 1831-1914)
Shinn, Hannah B. (sch.teacher ca. mid-1800s)

Duke University: Manuscript Dept., William R. Perkins Library [http://scriptorium.lib.duke.edu/]
Bell, Mary (Civil War, Bell family papers)
Briant, Huldah Annie (Civil War papers)
Chaddick, Mary Jane Cook (Civil War diary)
Foster, Kate (Civil War diary)
Ladies' Aid Association (Civil War, Minutes: 1861-1865)
MacLean, Clara D. (Civil War diary)
Pinkhind, Amanda (Civil War letters, Isabella Ann Woodruff papers)
Mason, Lucy Randolph
West, Josephine (Civil War, Geo. W. West family papers)
Woodruff, Isabella Ann (Civil War papers)

Emory University: Special Collections Dept., Robert W. Woodruff Library [http://www.cc.emory.edu/LIB/schome.htm] Bone, Minerva (Civil War papers, Robert Bone family)
Callaway, Leila (letters, Morgan Callaway family papers)
Fort, Nartha (Civil War, Tomlinson Fort family papers)
Gonne, Maud
Jett, Nancy (Civil War papers)
Richardson, Sue (Civil War diary; white women in textile production)
Rowland, Kate (Civil War diary)

Florida State Archives
[http://www.dos.state.fl.us/sos/divisions/dlis/barm/aiims/00001973.htm] Bolton, Roxy (feminist, women's activist in Florida and U.S.)

Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library (Hyde Park NY)
Frances Perkins Papers
Eleanor Roosevelt Papers

Georgia Dept. of Archives and History: Atlanta, GA. [http://www.state.ga.us/SOS/DOAH]
Bullock, Amanda (Civl War, Robt. Bullock family papers)
Chunn, Lila (Civil War, Chunn-Ladd papers)
Curry Hill Plantation (Civil War papers)
Curry, Mary (Civil War, textile production on plantation, letters)
Lawton, Sarah (Civil War papers)
Ozburn, Katherine Elizabeth (Civil War papers)
Stevenson, Mrs. Wellington (Civil War recollections); UDC Collection

Golds Mabowecz Meir Library, Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Lizzie Black Kander Papers

London Guildhall University: The Fawcett Library Old Castle Street London E1 7NT England
Ph: (0)171 320 1189
Fax:(0)171 320 1188
Adam, H. Pearl c.1912-1956
Anderson, Pamela c.1950s-1970s
Askanasy, A.H. (Typescript "The Catastrophe of Patriarchy", c.1950s)
Aves, Dame Geraldine c.1890-1990
Barton, Dorothea M. (notes/pamphlets on employment of women c.1830-1917)
Becker, Lydia c.1770-1921
Billinghurst, R. May (suffrage activities c.1854-1917)
Billington-Greig, Teresa (inc. notes for bio of Charlotte Despard c.1905-1960)
Bondfield, Margaret (bio notes c. 1930-1975)
Bowerman, Elsie (Scottish women's hospitals c.1910-1942)
Brown, Dorothy Shelagh (Typescript of diary in Japanese POW camp c. 1941-1945)
Browne, Mary Leigh c.1909-1970
Burbury, Alice Ann c.1872-1893
Burton, Kathleen (Brit. Red Cross/WWII c.1939-1945)
Butler, Josephine (letters on microfiche)
Cairns, Julia [Louisa M. Davidson] (Journalist c.1940-1960)
Cameron, Alice (Typescript "Stay Not the Struggle")
Cavendish Bentinck, Ruth c.1880s-1920s
Chandler, Olive (Nat'l Council of Women in Great Britain, Women's Institute c.1940s)
Collison, Chave (IAW and UNESCO papers, c.1960s)
Corbett Ashby, Dame Margery (suffrage & IAW c. 1869-1979)
Courtney, Dame Kathleen D'Olier c.1881-1973
Crowell, Mary Beatrice (health practitioner, broadcaster c.1914-1966)
Davin, Anna (Women's Liberation workshop c. 1970)
Davison, Emily Wilding (WSPU & suffrage c. 1905-1989)
Denby, Isobel [Emelyn Neville] (Typescript of "Unconventional Talks with a Modern DD" c.1912)
Despard, Charlotte (Suffrage, Irish nationalist, WFL c. 1900-1930)
Duval, Elsie [Mrs. Hugh Franklin] (WSPU; Typescript of "The Price of Liberty" c.1910-1950s)
Elliott, Dorothy (Typescript autobio "Women in Search of Justice")
Emmott, Lady Mary Gertrude c.1916-1925
Evans, Dorothy M. (book "Women and the Civil Service" c.1930s)
Fawcett, Dame Millicent Garrett (The Cust case papers, reports of So. Africa camps c.1870-1929)
Feeny, Everlid M. (Campaigner for women priests in Roman Catholic Church c.1977-1995)
Fraenkel, Elsa (Sylvia Pankhurst c.1957-1968)
Franks, Helen (legal aspects of motherhood c.1970s-1990)
Fuge, Denise Dillon (Official of NY office of NOW c.1982)
Fyffe, Elsie c.1941
Gliddon, Katie [nee Gray] (Prison diary c.1900-1915)
Goldstein, Vida (travel diaries c. 1902-1919)
Goodfellow, Miss [Goes to Hollywood] (Photos, synopsis of film, etc. c.1978-1979)
Gundrey, Elizabeth (Careers for women, papers re: widows, working women c.1959-1975)
Hadley, J.E. c.1969-1970,1993
Haymon, Sylvia (article in The Guardian re: M. Ashby; Women's Freedom League, Int'l Alliance of Women, papers inc. photos of Charlotte Despard, c.1961-1969)
Hayward, Marjorie c.1928-1968
Heler, Una M. (Minutes of WRVS c. 1974-1981)
Hemming, Alice (Commonwealth Countries League c. 1951-1972)
Holme, Vera [Jackie] (Scottish suffrage c. 1905-1989)
Kirk, Catherine Mary c.1957-1982
Kuhn, Annette (sociology of feminism c.1970-1987)
Lacon, Annie (suffrage activites, n.d.)
Lees, Gwen (Draft autobio c.1970s-1980s)
Lidderdale, Jane (Letters w/Rebecca West, Storm Jameson c.1962-1969
Lidiard, Victoria [nee Simmons] (suffrage, ordination of women, protection of animals, hunger-strike medal, n.d.)
MacKenzie, Norman (Background papers for "Women in Australia", c.1930s-1960s)
McCrimmon, Barbara [Bodichon Collection] c.1862-1989
Mcilquham, Harriett (women's history c.1896-1903)
Marion, Kitty (Typescript autobio)
Martineau, Harriett c. 1839-1901
Miller, M.S. (economic position of women, NWCA, Six Points Group c.1911-1929)
Morris, May [Elizabeth Masterman] (Background notes on bio c.1960s-1970s)
Morris, Rose c.1968-1983
Nightingale,Florence (letters on microfiche)
Normanton, Helen c.1907-1957
Nutting, Lady Helen (Married Women's Assoc, divorce law reform c. 1961-1969)
Pankhurst, Sylvia (See files of Louise Pottesman and Elsa Fraenkel)
Pankhursts: Sylvia, Emmeline, Christabel (letters on microfiche)
Percival, Alicia (suffrage, ordination of women c.1960-1980)
Pierotti, A. Muriel c. 1919-1978
Pillow, Margaret E. [nee Scott] c. 1890sPinney,
Rachel (technique of "Creative Listening" c.1960s)
Pottesman, Louise (Sylvia Pankhurt letters, n.d.)
Ramsay, Annie (Diary of suffrage pilgramage c.1913)
Rathbone, Eleanor (Indian women's affairs c.1929-1937)
Rawle, Mary Anne (Prison diary c.1907-1970s?)
Reading, Lady Stella (Bio notes, photos c.1940s-1950s)
Robert, M.E. (suffrage activity, Pageant of Great Women c.1900s-1910)
Roberts, Ursula (Society for Ministry of Women in the Church c.1920s-1960s)
Robson, E.D.M. (Domestic science notes c.1910-1911)
Rowbotham, Sheila c.1969-1982
Royden, Agnes Maude c.1900-1955
Sadd Brown, Myra (Letters to her daughter c.1938)
Sebestyen, Amanda (Women's liberation history, poetry; Women Against Gulf War papers c.1969-1991)
Seear, Baroness Beatrice Nancy (parliamentary papers c. 1969-1975)
Shaw, Dr. Patricia (employment of shopworkers and other occupations c.1940s-1960s)
Sheepshanks, Mary (Typescript autobio "The Long Day Ended")
Simon, Shena D. [Lady Simon of Wythenshawe] (unpub. bio c.1920-1974)
Slate, Ruth [Jones] (Diaries, also of Eva Slawson c.1894-1980s)
Slawson, Eva (See file on Ruth Slate [Jones])
Smieton, Margaret Judith (Mother's letters re: her entrance to Swanley
Horticultural College c.1919-1922)
Squire, Hilda M.L. c.1909-1972
Stanley, Jo (autobio material re: 1970s ms, UCW history conf/papers c.1991-1992)
Stott, Mary (Ms. of books, women's editor of The Guardian c.1950s-1980s)
Strachey, Lady Jane Maria (speeches, inc. Women's Local Gov't Society , n.d.)
Strachey, Joan Pernel c.1894-1951
Strachey, Phillipa (WEF papers c.1916-1961)
Tabor, Eliza [Stephenson] (Diaries c.1850s-1890s)
Taylor, Mary Ellen c.1912, also 1966-1971
Tomlinson, Ruth (Fed. of Business/Professional Women, UN papers c.1930s-1950s
Tuker, M.A.R. c. 1888-1921
Twining, Louisa (Letterbook c. 1840-1871)
Vernon, Betty c. 1957
Ward, Helen (Papers of Blanesburgh Committee c.1924)
Watson, Edith M. (Women's Freedom League, women's police c. 1913-1995)
Watts, Ethel c.1928-1961
White, Sybil c. 1911-1989
Wilberforce, Dr. Octavia (Pioneer women doctor c.1880s-1960s)
Williams, Alice Helena Alexandra c.1893-1959
Wrench, Winifride (Overseas League, English Speaking Union, Mothers Institute c. 1917-1940)

Haverhill Public Library (Ohio)
Colby, Mary M. Letters; 1850 westward migration from Ohio to Oregon

Hermitage in St. Petersburg
Catherine the Great Papers

Hollins College, Va; Fishburn Library
[http://viva.lib.virginia.edu/govdocs/depos/directpry/hollins.html] Bagby, Susan (Civil War diary)
Bloor, Ella Reeve Papers
Woodruff, Virginia Daniel (Civil War diary)

Howard University[http://www.howard.edu] Terrell, Mary Church

Indiana Historical Society Library, Indianapolis
Griest, Alva C. (Journal, 1862-1865, Photostat)

International Institute for Social History: Amsterdam, Netherlands [http://galaxy.einet.net/hytelnet/NLO19.html] Pankhurst, Sylvia (bulk of her papers)

Iowa State University: Archive of Women in Science and Engineering [http://www.lib.iastate.edu/spcl/wise/wise.html] Edgar, Rachel Hartman
Hoffman, Darlene

Letters Received: Confederate Secretary of War (LRCSW) Kennedy, Lettie [Miss] (On behalf of the Ladies of the N.E. beat of Jas. County, Miss.)
Motley, Hattie to James Seddon
Sharp, Lucy A. to Hon. John Randolph
Smith Mrs. B.A. to Gov. Shorter
Smith, Mrs. M.K. to Secretary of War
Walker, Amanda to Secretary of War
Watkins, Lucy to Seretary of War Randolph
Watts, Mary to Hon. James Seddon
White, Sarah to Judah P. Benjamin
Whitesides, Sarah to Hon. James Seddon

Library of Congress (U.S.) [http://lcweb.loc.gov/homepage/online.html] Armstrong, Louise (works listed in catalogue)
Maury, Bettry Herndon (Civil War diary)

Louisiana State University: Dept. of Archives & Manuscripts, Hill Memorial Library [http://www.lib.lsu.edu/special/] Bond, Priscilla Munnikhuysen (Civil War diary) Harding, Sydney (Civil War diary)
Solomon, Clara (Civil War diary)

Manchester Central Library: Manchester, England [http://www.manchester.com/council/library/home.html] Fawcett, Millicent Garrett

Manistee County Historical Museum (Manistee, Michigan)
425 River St.
Manistee, MI 49660
Louise Armstrong Papers

Margaret Sanger Papers Project: New York University, Dept. of History

Mississippi Dept. of Archives and History : Jackson, Miss. [No Web] Ph: 601-359-6850
Black, Narcissa L. (Civil War diary)
Cook, Minerva Marie Louise Hynes (Pre-Civil War diary) Harper, Annie (Civil War Reminiscences) Jacobs, Annie Clark (Civil War memoirs) Martin, Shannon (Civil War diary)
Pendleton, Jennie (Civil War joournal; Mary E. W. Shell papers) Worthington, Amanda (Civil War diary)

Mt. Holyoke Archives and Special Collections [http://www.mtholyoke.edu/offices/library/ArchSpColHp/Arch.SpChome.index.htm] Wooley, Mary

Museum of London: Oxford [http://www.quirksinfo.com/lon/museums.htm] Pankhursts: Emmeline and Christabel (some letters)

Museum and White House of the Confederacy: Richmond, VA. {No Web} Ph: 804-649-1861
Open: M-Sat 10AM-5PM, Sun. 12PM-5PM
Rowland, Kate (Civil War diary re: black Confed. soldiers) Ladies Defense Association (Civil War papers)

National Council of Negro Women: Bethune Museum and Archives, Washington, D.C. http://www.ncnw.org
Bethune, Mary McLeod

National Library of Australia [http://www.nla.gov.au:80/nlmmain.html] Archer, Robin
Modjeska, Drusilla

New Mexico State Records Center and Archives, Santa Fe, New Mexico [No Web] Ph: 505-827-7332 Contact: Sandra Jaramillo, Director Lusk, Georgia

New Mexico State University [http://lib.nmsu.edu/] Lusk, Georgia

New York Public Library, Billy Rose Theater Collection
Hallie Flanagan Papers

New York University: History Dept. [http://www.nyu.edu/gsas/dept/history/] Sanger, Margaret Paper Project

North Carolina Division of Archives & History: Raleigh, North Carolina [http://www.ah.dcr.state.nc.us/]
Brown, Mary (Civil War, W. Vance Brown family papers) Gash, Mary A. (Civil War papers)
Gregory, Sarepta (Civil War, Sawyer family papers) Kay, Nancy (Civil War, letter to Gov. Zebulon Vance; Vance Papers) Pegram, Mrs. Ferrie (Reminiscences; Lowry Shuford Coll.) Stringfield, Mary (Civil War, W.W. Stringfield family papers) Walters, Mrs. E. (Civil War, letter to Gov. Zebulon Vance; Vance papers))

Oberlin College-Ohio [http://www.oberlin.edu/~library/speccol.html] Blackwell, Antoinette Brown
Stone, Lucy
Terrell, Mary Church
YWCA (papers)

Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, Texas [http://www.ollusa.edu/MainLibrary/collecti.htm] Berriozabal, Maria A. (frmr. S.A. city councilmember; mbr. Las Hermanas)

Purdue University, West Layfette, Indiana [http://purdue.edu/library.html] Gilbreth, Lillian

Radcliffe College: Schlesinger Library
[gopher://radcliffe.harvard.edu:70/11/schles] Anderson, Mary
Friedan, Betty (feminist, author)
Gilman, Charlotte Perkins (author)
Howe, Julia Ward
Laidlaw, Harriet
Nightingale,Florence Autograph Letter Coll.(microfiche)
Pankhursts Autograph Letter Coll.(microfiche)
Perkins, Frances
Simkhovitch, Mary K. (founder/Greenwich House)
Victoria, Queen Autograph Letter Coll.(microfiche)
White, Sue Shelton

Rice University: Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library [http://riceinfo.rice.edu/Fondren/Woodson/wrc.html] Broun, Catherine (Civil War diary)
Turner, Anne Marie Stewart (Civil War papers)
Vaught, Mary (Civil War family papers)

Richard III Society Library: London (members only) Wydeville, Elizabeth Main Papers Collection

St. Hilda's College Archives, Oxford, UK. [http://www.sthildas.ox.au.uk/archive.html] Burrows, Christine Mary Elizabeth
Burrows, Ester Elizabeth

San Jose State University-San Jose, CA [http:www.sjsu.edu/] Wydeville, Elizabeth (Thesis of Jeff M. Wheeler, "That Womanish Disease)

Smith College: Sophia Smith Collection
[http://www.smith.edu/libraries/ssc1.htm] Bethune, Mary McLeod (on microfilm)
Kenyon, Dorothy
National Board of the YWCA (papers)
Planned Parenthood Federation of America (papers) Sanger, Margaret (reproductive rights)
Sorosis (one of oldest women's clubs in U.S.) Starr, Ellen Gates (Hull House)
van Kleeck, Mary (social reform)

South Carolina Historical Society: Charelston, S.C.[http://www.historic.com/schs/]
Cheves, Harriott (Civil War, Cheves family papers) Middleton, Susan (Civil War, letter to Harriott Cheves; Cheves family papers)

Stanford University/Special Collections
Parsons, Lucena Pfuffer Journal typescript (M85) of 1850 westward migration from Wisconsin to Carson Valley

Syracuse University, George Arents Research Library
Margaret Bourke-White Papers

Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville
Avery, Catherine Berry Pilcher (Papers, 1766-1978)
Craighead, Rachel Carter (Diaries, 1861-1865) Unprocessed collection
Garrett, Jill Knight (Collection ca. 1800-1969)
Hallowell, Miss Frank (Diary, 1880-1962)
Ladies' Hospital Assoc. of Nashville (Papers)

Texas Women's University: The Woman's Collection [http://twuedu/www/twu/library/wml.html] Anthony, Susan B. (microfilm)
Barton, Clara (microfilm)
Bethune, Mary McLeod
Brown, Reina Lou
Clark, LaVerne Harrell
Davis, Olivia Bridges
National Assoc. of Colored Women's Clubs Owens, Claire Meyers
Roosevelt, Eleanor (microfilm)
Strother, Dora Dougherty
Toblowsky, Hermine
Weddington, Sarah
Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP)

The Historic New Orleans Collection: New Orleans, LA. [http://www.hnoc.org/] Grima, A. (Civil War family papers)
Walton, Emma (Walton-Glenny Civil War papers)

Tulane University: SEE Amistad Research Center

University of Arkansas [http://cavern.uark/edu/libinfo/speccoll/] Bates, Daisy Gatson
Crump, Josephine B.

University of California -Santa Barbara: Calif. Ethnic & Multicultural Archives (CEMA
[http://www.library.ucsb.edu/speccoll/speccoll.html]) Mackey, Anita
Ortiz-Taylor, Sheila

University of Delaware [http://www.lib.udel.edu/welcome/udla/] Dunbar-Nelson, Alice (Writer, social reform)

University of Florida: P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History [http://nervm.nerde.ufl.edu:80/~jeingr/Flahist.html] Stephens, Octavia (Civil War, Bryant-Stephens family papers)

University of Iowa: Women's Archives [http://www3.arcade.uiowa.edu/iwa/] Smith, Mary Louise

University of Liverpool [http://cwis.liv.ac.uk/Library/libintro.html] Rathbone, Elizabeth (bulk of her papers)

University of Manchester: John Rylands Library, Methodist Archives & Research Centre
[http://rylibweb.man.ac.uk/date/dg/methodist/meth.fem.html] Welsey, Susann ("mother" of Methodism)

University of Medicine & Dentistry-New Jersey [http://www3.umdnj.edu/~libcwis/speccoll.html] Edwards, Lena F., M.D.

University of Missouri at St. Louis
[http://www.umsl..edu/services/library/whm.html] Hickey, Margaret

University of Nevada-Las Vegas [http://www.unlv.edu/library/women/womarch.html] Doughty, Nan
Hay, Grace

University of New Mexico:Center for Southwest Research [http://www.unm.edu/~cswrres/]
Tapahanso, Luci

University of North Carolina: Southern Historical Collection [http://ils.unc.edu/barba/sfc.html]
Bryan, Mary W. (Civil War letter from Mary Speight, John Heritage Bryan Collection)
Comer, Laura (Civil War diary)
Cornwall, Susan (Civil War diary)
LeConte, Emma (Civil War diary)
Mordecai, Emma (Civil War diary, Modecai family papers)
Moore, Harriet Ellen (Civil War letters re: ladies' societies; black troops)
Pettigrew, Carolina (Civil War, Pettigrew family papers)
Ready, Alice (Civil War diary)
Wadley, Sarah Lois (Civil War diary)
Weakley, Mrs. Thomas Porter (Diary)

University of South Carolina: South Caroliniana Library [http://www.sc.edu/library/socar/]
Bacot, Ada (Civil War diary)
Brevard, Keziah (Civil War diary)
Ladies' Relief Association (Civil War papers; Spartanburg) Palmer, Harriett (Civil War family papers)

University of Texas: Center for American History [http://www.lib.utexas.ede/Libs/CAH/cah.html] Barr, Amelia (Civil War papers)
Crutcher, Emma (Crutcher-Shannon Civil War papers) Ledbetter, Lena Dancy (Civil War, cloth-making papers collection) Neblett, Lizzie (Civil War papers)

University of Virginia: Manuscripts Dept., Alderman Library [http://www.lib.virginia.edu/speccol/]
Butler, Lucy Wood (Civil War papers)
Harrison, Matthella Page (Civil War diary) Hume, Fanny Page (Civil War diary)

University of Wyoming: American Heritage Center [http://www.uwyo.edu/ahc/ahcinfo.htm]
Ross, Nellie Taylor
Strickler, Sarah Anne Grover (Civil War diary)

Utah State Archives and Records Services (Salt Lake City)
Women's Christian Industrial Home Society records; group formed to aid women in polygamous marriages

Virginia Historical Society: Richmond, VA. [http://www.upress.virginia.edu/plunkett/PluAfro19.html] Bagby, Lucy (Civil War family papers)
Beckwith, Margaret (Civil War Reminiscences) Chappelear, Amanda (Civil War diary)
Cochran, Catherine (Civil War reminisences) Davis, Caroline Kean Hill (Civil War diary) Early, Mary (Civil War scrapbook)
Hubbard, Maria M. (Civil War diary)

Wayne State University (Detroit, Michigan)
Reuther Library, Labor History Archives
Mary Heaton Vorse Papers

Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, Contemporary Medical Archives Center:
Women's medical history, reproductive rights, etc.
Maria Stopes Papers

Wisconsin State Historical Society: http://ds2.internic.net/dirofdirs/education/archives-autob

Mesta, Perle

West Virginia University Libraries (Morgantown, WV)
Anna Jarvis Papers

Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society: Handley Library [http://www.upress.virginia.edu/plunkett/PluAfro6.html] Afto, Ellen (papers giving her (a free black) a pardon as she was about to be sold into slavery)
Ebert,Rebecca (unpub. "A Window on the Valley", study of free black community of Winchester and Frederick County, 1785-1860) Lee, Mary Greenhow (Civil War diary)

Additional Recommended Repository Sites:

Archive and Manuscript Collections on the Internet [http://www.cc.columbia.edu/~spurgin/speccol.html]

Australian Archives on the Internet

Canadian Archives on the Internet

UK Archival Repositories on the Internet [http://www.liv.ac.uk/~spw1/uksites.htm]

National Archives (U.S.) [gopher://gopher.nara.gov/]

Repositories and Activities Outside of the Library of Congress [http://cweb.loc.gov/coll/nucmc/other.html] Listings by state and general links for U.S.

Repositories of Primary Sources
http://www.uidaho.edu/special-collections/Other.Repositories.html] Over 1,000 repositories world-wide

Special Collections and Archives on the Gopher gopher://info.lib.uh.edu:70/11/archives

Recommended Books as Resources:

_Women of South Asia: A Guide to Resources_; Carol Sakala (Kraus International, 1980)

_Women Religious History Sources_; Evangeline Thomas (NY, Bowker, 1983).

_Women's History Sources: A Guide to Archives and Manuscript Collections in the United States_, Andrea Hinding, ed. (NY, Bowker and Co., 1979)

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