Women and Work Culture Bibliography July, 1996

Query From Karen Anderson karena@ccit.arizona.edu 09 July 1996

For a faculty seminar this fall, I need help in locating scholarship on women and work culture, particularly on women outside the United States.

I am familiar with the following works: Dorothy Sue Cobble Dishing It Out; Karen Sacks Caring By The Hour; Vicki Ruiz Cannery Women, Cannery Lives; Lisa Fine The Souls of the Skyscraper; Margery Davies Woman's Place is at the Typewriter; Barbara Melosh The Physician's Hand; and Sallie Westwood All Day, Every Day (British). I also know that there was an issue of Feminist Studies a few years ago on the topic and can locate that.

I am most interested in identifying historical works outside of U.S. history, articles as well as books. Thanks.


Benson, Susan Porter Countercultures (Urbana, 1986)

Berger, Iris Threads of Solidarity:Women in South African Industry (London & Indianapolis,1992)

Bernstein, D. From Pioneers to Homemakers (Re: Palestinians)

Borderias, Cristiana Entre Lineas (Barcelona: Icaria, 1993), Mujer, familia, y trabajo
en Espana
(Barcelona: Anthropos, 1983)

Boris, Eileen, Ed. Homeworkers in Global Perspective: Invisible No More

Donovan, Frances The Saleslady (Chicago, 1929)

Galva~o, Patricia Industrial Park (A novel, 1930's in Sao Paulo)..reprint U of Nebraska Press, ppbk

Glucksmann, Miriam Women Assemble: Women Workers and the New Industries in Inter-War Britain (1990)

Guy, Donna Sex and Danger in Buenos Aires (U of Nebraska Press, ppbk)

Kaplin, Temma Red City, Blue Period (California)

Kenny, Padraic "Working-Class Community and Resistance in Pre-Stalinist Poland" Social History (1993)

Lowth, Alys Women Workers and South Africa (London, 1903)

McBride, Theresa "A Woman's World: Department Stores and the Evolution of Women's Employment 1870-1920" French Historical Studies 10 (2), 1978 pp.664-683

McPherson, Kate Bedside Matters (Oxford U Press, 1996) (Canadian nurses)

Martin and Rogerson "Women and the Industrial Change: The South African Experience" The South African Geographical Journal 66:1 (April 1984)

Nash, Mary Mujer y movimiento obrero en Espana (Barcelona:Fontamara, 1981)

Radcliffe, Pamela Contact:pradclif@popmail.ucsd.edu (UC San Diego) has book forthcoming Cambridge University Press

Radforth, Ian and MacDowell, Laurel Sefton ,eds. Canadian Working Class History (Canadian Scholars Press, Toronto)

Sangster, Joan Earning Respect: The Lives of Working Women in Small-Town Ontario, 1920-1960 (Toronto, U of Toronto Press, 1996)

Smith, Steven Article on women's labor protest in Social History, (1994 or 1995)

Walker, Cheryl ,Ed. Women and Gender in Southern Africa (London, 1990)

Other Sources:

The Woman Who Waits, n.a., ca. 1920-30's, pub. in Chicago

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