Women and Temperance Bibliography July 1996

Query From Sarah Boyle Sarah.Boyle@arch1.nara.gov 01 July 1996

Can anyone recommend any recent books or articles published within the last five years that deal with women and the American temperance movement in general, or the WCTU and Frances Willard in particular? I have found the work of Ruth Bordin, Jack S. Blocker and Mary Earhart Dillion to be especially helpful, but I am having trouble finding more recent scholarship.

Many thanks. P.S. I have looked at Leeman's The Oratory of Frances E. Willard, published in 1992. A wonderful book, but so far the only one I have found that fits the above parameters. Thanks again.


Garner, Nancy Dissertation from Univ. of Kansas on the Kansas WCTU and larger


Gifford, Carolyn DeSwarte Writing Out My Heart (Willard's journal)

Rose, Kenneth D. American Women and the Repeal of Prohibition (1996)

Tyler, Alice Felt Freedom's Ferment (late 1940's)

Wilentz, Sean Problem in Middle America

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