Storm Jameson Bibliography August 1996

Query From Daragh Russell 13 August 1996

I am looking for any recent work (articles, theses, works-in-progress) written about [Margaret] Storm Jameson (1891-1986), a prolific novelist and journalist/socialist/pcificst/feminist who-after being resurrected by Virago Press in the early 80s-seems to have gone out of print finally and for ever around the time of her death. I'm a graduate student of twentieth century British history at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, and am writing my M.A. thesis on the influence of WWI fiction and journalism of various female writers of the 20s and 30s(that's as sufficiently vague a summary as I can muster). Jameson's work is becoming of increasing importance to my project, and although she tends to be briefly referred to in such studies as Claire Tylee's The Great War and Women's Consciousness (1990), I have yet to find a critical consideration of her life and/or work of any form, and would be eternally grateful for ANY information, comments or suggestions which anyone on the list-service might have. Many thanks in advance.


Gorham, Deborah Vera Brittain: A Feminist Life (Blackwell, 1996)

Holsinger, M. Paul and Schofield, Mary Anne, Eds. Visions of War: World War II In Popular Literature and Culture (Bowling Green: The Popular Press, 1992) "A Cry For Life: Storm Jameson, Stevie Smith, and the Fate of Europe's Jews",pp.181-191.

Lassner, Phyllis So The World Should Not Die: British Women Writing World War II (London: Macmillan, Forthcoming)

Priestman, Judith entry on Storm Jameson, Dictionary of National Biography (OUP,1996) (Contact Priestman at Bodleian Library)

Other Sources:

New Directions for Women, published in New Jersey, Bergen County(maybe Englewood), passed their subscription list to On the Issues, which may have further info

"The Faultlines of History: Dystopic Novels of a Second World War by British Women Writers,"

Greyfriar: Siena Studies in Literature XXXI (1991), pp.14-30

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