Women Shaming Men to Political Action Bibliography

Query: Any examples of women shaming men into political activity...using gender or sexuality to goad men into performing ... men's political duties/responsibilties?


Aristophanes "Lysistrata" (a play)

Bederman, Gail Manliness and Civilization(discussion of Ida B. Wells-Barnett)

"Civilization, the Decline of Middle-class Manliness"; Radical History Review

Botchkareva, Maria and Levine, Issac Don, eds. My Life as Peasant, Exile and Soldier; 1919

Brown, Elsa Barkley Has done research on African American women's political activism in reconstruction south; contact at Michigan U

"Negotiating and Transforming the Public Sphere: African American Political Life in the Transition from Slavery to Freedom"; Public Culture, vol 7, no. 1; Fall, 1994, 107-146

Clinton, Catherine and Silber, Nina, eds. Divided Houses: Gender and the Civil War

Jensen, Kimberly "Minerva on the Field of Mars: American Women, Citizenship, and

Military Service in World War I" Ph.D. dissertation, 1992

Melosh, Barbara Gender and American History Since 1890

Munford, Robert "The Patriots" (a play now published)

PBS Masterpiece Theater "Upstairs, Downstairs" episode dealing with WWI and white feathers

Pope,Jessie "The Call" (a poem ) Published in Scars Upon My Heart; Virago

An anthology of women's World War I poetry

Rable, George Civil Wars

Shakespeare "Lady MacBeth" (a play)

Taylor, Elizabeth The Women Suffrage Movement in Tennessee

Wheeler, Margaret "her new work on women's suffrage in the south"

Also: Inventing the American Woman

Reference to Navajo women exhorting their men to war

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