Rape in Early 19th Century America Bibliography July 1996

Query From Stephanie Smith-Divita sxs69@po.CWRU.edu 18 July 1996

Can anyone recommend good secondary sources on the history of rape law or rape cases in early 19th century America? Assault law and cases? Thanks.


Arnold, Marybeth Hamilton The Life of a Citizen in the Hands of A Woman: Sexual Assault in NYC 1790-1820, In Passion and Power, eds. Peiss and Simmons (Phila, Temple U, 1989)

Backhouse, Constance book on history of women and law in Canada

Biggs, F. "Rape Law in Massachusetts: Our Puritan Forebearers and Other Cultural Remnants" New England Law Review 22 Aug 1987

Block, Sharon Ph.D Dissertation, Princeton Univ....rape in colonial period

D'Emilio, John and Freedman, Estelle Intimate Matters

Edwards, Laura North Carolina History Review (article in the pink women's history issue)

Nemeth, C. "Character Evidence in Rape Trials in 19th C NY..." Women's Rights Law Reporter Vol 6, 1980

Pleck, Elizabeth Domestic Tryanny: The Making of American Social Policy Against Family Violence from Colonial Times to the Present (NY: Oxford U Press, 1987) (Has brief graph or two to rape laws and prevalence)

Stansell, Christine City of Women (cites NY cases)

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