Women's Rights Movement in North America Bibliography May, June 1996

Query From Sheldon Fine medono@inforamp.net 31 May 1996

[Editor's Note: This is very broad question, but it is a good opportunity for list subscribers to create an extensive bibliography for our website on the North American Women's RIghts movement. I also think that it is important to note the request is for sources on North American women--not just the movement in the U.S. Have at it. KL]

I am a student doing research on the history of the women's rights movement in North America. Can you suggest the best place to look? Also, where would I find quotes expressing differing views on the rights of women? Thanks so much.


Allen, Paula Gunn, The Sacred Hoop:Recovering the Feminine in American Indian

Traditions(Beacon Press: 1986,1992)

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DuBois and Ruiz Unequal Sisters

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Hewitt and Lesbock , Visible Women

Kraditor, The Ideas of the Woman Suffrage Movement

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Terborg-Penn, "Discrimination Against Afro-American Women in the Women's Movement,1830-1920" in Afro-American Woman, 1978

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Yellin, Women & Sisters: The Anti-Slavery Feminists in American Culture,(1989)

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