European Women's Modern History Bibliography

Query From Elizabeth Rose 11 Dec 1996

A colleague asked me whether there is a one-volume collection of readings (articles, selections from books) for European women's history, especially focusing on the modern period. I am familiar with the Becoming Visible volume, but wondered if there is anything more recent?

I know there was some discussion of document collections on H-Women, but any suggestions for collections of articles for use in teaching would be welcome.


Anderson, Bonnie and Judith Zissner A History of Their Own: Women in Europe From Prehistory to the Present

Boxer, Marilyn J. and Jean H. Quataert, eds.,Connecting Spheres: women in the Western World, 1500 to Present

Hufton, Olwen The Prospect Before Her: A History of Women in Western Europe

Reimer & Fout, eds. good collection of documents(don't have title)

Smith, Bonnie Changing Lives: Women in European History since 1700

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