Transition to Christianity in Mexico Bibliography (Oct 1996)

Query From Mary Todd 09 Oct 1996

I have a student who wants to research the transition from local religions to Catholicism as Christianity was introduced in Mexico, and the subsequent influence that transition had on women's lives. I have referred her to Roman Gutierrez's When Jesus Came, The Corn Mothers Went Away. Are there any other titles anyone might recommend? Thanks in advance.


Aizpuro, Pilar Gonzalbo Las Mujeres en la Nueva Espana: Educacion y Vida Cotidiana

Behar, Translated Woman

Burkhart, Louise The Slippery Earth

Clendinnen, Inga Aztecas; Ambivalent Conquest

Cline, S.L. Testaments of Culhuacan

Cole, Jeff, ed. The Church and Society in Latin America

Escandon, Carmen Ramos, ed. Presencia y Transperencia: La Mujer en la historia de Mexico

Farriss, Nancy Maya Society Under Colonial Rule

Lavrin, Asuncion, ed. Sexuality and Marriage in Colonial Latin America

Lockhart, James The Nahuas After The Conquest

MacCormack, Sabine work on Peru

Menchu, Rigoberta I, Rigoberta Menchu: An Indian Woman in Guatemala

Merrim, Stephanie work on Sor Juana

Nash, June Article in Mona Etienne and Eleanor Leacock, eds. Women and Colonization: Anthropological Perspectives

Ricard, Robert Spirtual Conquest

Rodriquez, Jeanette Our Lady of Guadalupe (U of Texas Press)

Silverblatt, Irene Moon, Sun and Witches (Peru)

Stern, Steve The Secret History of Gender

Sweet, David G. and Nash, Gary B., eds. Struggle & Survival in Colonial America

Trexler, Richard "From the Mouth of Babes: Christianization by Children in the 16th Century New Spain", in J. Davis, ed. Religious Organization and Religious Experience (NY: Academic Press, 1982)

Wood, Stephanie articles

Other suggestions:

The works of Jorge Klor de Alva, Stafford Poole and Richard Greenleaf

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