Maternal Feminism Bibliography July 1996

Query From Heather L. Garrett 15 July 1996

I am revising a paper for publication and have been asked to include a more critical discussion of maternal feminism that reflects the kinds of questions feminist historians have posed regarding this issue. In this paper I am looking at the Needlepoint Guild of Canada. This is a voluntary organization that originated in England and then emerged in Canada in 1892. The women in this group collected clothing and goods to meet the needs of state-operated orphanages, hospitals, homes and charities. Does anyone know of any work ,preferably Canadian, with a contemporary discussion of maternal feminism which goes beyond the class critique and/or identifies the debates surrounding the use of this concept? I would appreciate any sources you could suggest as I am unfamiliar with this literature.


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Other Sources:

Journal of Women's History, Fall 1993 issue debate regarding the usefulness of maternalism as a paradigm

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