Interracial Marriage Bibliography August 1996

Query From Kathy Brown 22 August 1996

Hi: A colleague of mine not on this list is creating a course segment on the topic of same-sex marriages. She wants to use a short story or poem which explores the issue of interracial marriage and was written when miscegenation was considered immoral and unethical. The intent is to allow students to see the similarity of the arguments and the effects of such arguments on individuals, with the arguments and effects of the debate against same-sex marriage. Does anyone on the list have suggestions which I can forward to her? Thank you.


Brown, Jennifer Strangers in Blood: Fur-Trade Families in Indian Country (1980)

Camper, Carol, ed. Miscegenation Blues (Toronto, Sister Vision, 1994)

Frankenberg, Ruth White Women Race Matters

Jones, Hettie How I Became Hettie Jones

Kharif, Wali R. "Development of Contemporary Colonial Attitudes in Florida, 1845-1900"; Journal of Social and Behavioral Sciences 35(Fall,1990): 99-110.

"Facing the Gallows, Part I" The Sheriff's Star (pub. by the Florida Sheriff's Assoc.), October, November, 1986 pp.2-3

Mathabane, Gail and Mark Love in Black and White

Ogutsch, Edith "Forbidden Love" and "Painful Education" Negro Digest, Feb 1965

Smith, Lillian Strange Fruit

Stoler, Ann "Making Empire Respectable: The Politics of Race and Sexual Morality in the 20th Century Colonial Cultures" (Gender at the Crossroads of Knowledge ed. Michaela di Leonardo, Berkeley: UC Press, 1991)

Van Kirk, Sylvia Many Tender Ties: Women in the Fur Trade Society of Western Canada, 1700-1850 (Reprint in 1980)

Other Sources

Lark, Regina U of Southern Calif: working on interracial marriages between Japanese women and American servicemen, 1947-1959:

Meyerowitz, Joanne at Univ. of Cincinnati, in History Dept and e-mail connected...working on topic of miscegenation in post WWI U.S.

Negro Digest "A Special Kind of Courage", Nov. 1961

"Direct Action", Sept. 1964

New York Times Magazine "Interracial Marriage is a Sometime Thing", June 9, 1968

Pascoe, Peggy at Univ. of Oregon, in Eugene, is working on the history of miscegenation in the U.S.

St. Louis Dispatch, Friday August 30, 1996...story on firebombing of home of interracial couple

Strong-Boag, Veronica and Gerson, Carole, eds. on a biography in-progress about E. Pauline Johnson, a Canadian mixed-race writer, performer(Strong-Boag at Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver,B.C. and Gerson at Simon Fraser Univ.)

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