Biographies of Conservative Women Bibliography (Sept 1996)

Query From Randolph Hollingsworth 30 Sept 1996

Can anybody out there help me think of a list of bios done on conservative women from the 1870s -1940s? I would prefer a feminist perspective if only for the wonderful critical theory that would underlie the bio. But I'll take any ideas. I'd like to balance out my analysis of Blanch Wiesen Cook's Eleanor with some other bios, but can't think of any offhand. A colleague of mine said that someone is working on Alma White, and perhaps a new book coming (out?) on Coolidge's wife? Any ideas would be welcome! Thanks!


Blee, Kathleen Women of the Klan (1920s)

Brown, Dorothy Mabel Walker Willebrandt: A Study in Power, Loyalty and Law

Jeansonne, Glen Women of the Far Right (WWII)

Koonz, Claudia Mothers in the Fatherland

Leckie, Elizabeth Bacon Custer and the Making of a Myth

MacLean, Nancy Behind the Mask of Chivalry (women's relationship w/the Klan, 1920s)

Michel, Sonya and Rosen, Robyn "The Paradox of Maternalism: Elizabeth Lowell Putnam and the American Welfare State," Gender and History 4 (Autumn 1992) : 364-386.

Nielsen, Kim PhD diss. "The Security of the Nation: Anti-Radicalism and Gender in the Red Scare of 1918-1928" (U of Iowa, 1996)

Wedell, Marsha Elite Women and the Reform Impulse in Memphis, 1875-1915 (UT Press, 1991)

Other suggestions:

a biography in progress on Alice Robertson, Rep. from Oklahoma, elected to the US House of Reps in 1920. Several articles about her in the Chronicles of Oklahoma, and a soon to be published book on Oklahoma women by the U of Oklahoma Press that includes material on Robertson

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