Post Cold War Women Bibliography December 1995

Query From Sara Tucker 12 Dec 1995

H-Women colleagues:

I have agreed to give a presentation of the situation of current-era world women to a local peace group. Overall I'm ok on this, with a good deal of information on various Chinese, Middle Eastern, African women. But I want to include some perspectives of the impact of the end of the cold war, and (typical historian) find myself at sea on where to turn for a brief update on very recent developments in women's lives. I especially would like pointers to brief, widely-available updates on the last couple of years for ex-Soviet and E.European women. But if the end of the Soviet Union has affected other categories of women, I'll be very grateful for any pointers on this too.



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See also: The Journal of Women's History, vol. 5.3...entire edition for the period after 1989