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From: Patricia Wood pkw23@acpub.duke.edu 26 March 1996

I have a student who is interested in researching the role of women in the "second incident" at Wounded Knee in 1973. Anyone know of any sources?(periodicals, books, film--we'll take anything). We've exhausted the few possibilities here at Duke and at UNC. Thanks.


Anderson, Terry H. The Movement and the Sixties: Protest in America from Greensboro to Wounded Knee, 1995

Brand, Johanna Life and Times of Anna Mae Aquash

Crow Dog, Mary and Erdoes, Richard Lakota Woman

Means, Russell Where White Men Fear To Tread

Notes, Akwesasne Voices From Wounded Knee, 1974

Films: "Wiping the Tears of Seven Generations"

" Incident at Oglala" (documentary)

TBS movie, based loosely on Lakota Woman; may have been of that title, also

Net sources: Lakota Home Page

Anyone interested in Native issues there is Natchat and NAt-1(native languages)

(addresses available from June Cotter at lw0656@kc.grapevine.com)

Periodicals and newspapers: Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News, New York Times

Organizations: Women of All Red Nations (WARN)...sister organization to AIM State Historical Society of Wisconsin in Madison...Social Action Vertical File National Museum of the American Indian, One Bowling Green, New York,NY 10001

Other responses: "Names of important scholars...are Vine Deloria, Philip Deloria, Ward Churchill..."; "You might also try topic names like Russell Means, Leonard Peltier..." "Dr. Inez Hernandez, a prof. in the Native American Studies Dept. at UC Davis would be excellent resource."

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