Women & Urban and Environmental Planning Bibliography

Query From Lara Day Kozak larak@tomco.net 26 May 1997

Greetings: I am interested in finding resources for research on women and city planning. I would like to find out what role in history women have played in designing cities or communities. In particular I am interested in accounts of specific individuals and the roles they played. Any information is greatly appreciated.


Ashton, Paul _The Accidental City: A History of Planning Sydney_(Hale & Iremonger)

Flanagan, Maureen Articles in _American Historical Review_(Oct.1990) and _Journal of Urban History_(Jan. 1996)

Greed, Clara H. _Women & Planning : Creating Gendered Realities_

Hayden, Delores _The Grand Domestic Revolution_(Cambridge: MIT Press, 1981)

Sies and Silver _Planning the Twentieth-Century American City_(John Hopkins, 1996)

Wright, Gwendolyn Article on Catherine Bauer Wurster in the SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) catalog on William Wurster, ed. Marc Treib

Other Suggestions/Contacts/Comments:[

[From Kate Evans, K.Evans@uts.edu.au or kathryn@magna.com.au] In Australia: A women called Florence Taylor, active in urban planning from 1920s-?, editor of a magazine called _Building_, among others. Contact: Paul Ashton, a lecturer in Applied History at the Univ. of Technology, Sydney(has written paper(s?) about her. Also: suggest X-post to H-ANZAU(Australian/New Zealand history list) Univ. of Technology snail mail address: U of Technology, Sydney P.O. Box 123, Broadway NSW 2007

[From Janet Forbes jforbes@yorku.ca] Try copies of journal/magazine _Women and Environments_

Primary sources: check archives for info on the Council of Women, origins somewhat before the Chicago world's Fair(they were at least in US and Canada), There also was a woman member of the Regional Planners of America(the group that did Radburn and Sunnyside). Some of Jane Addam's associates would be considered urban planners. Early work by women was usually linked to civic improvements, health education and housing. The Playground Movement and Settlement Houses would be other areas where women were involved in "planning".

Check _The Survey_: vol. and scope is huge, but revealing about early 20th cent. urban social planning

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