Women's Studies Programs Websites

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Query From Elizabeth Lehfeldt e.lehfeldt@csu-e.csuohio.edu 06 Mar 1998

Dear Colleagues,
I am looking for a web site or a similar resource that can provide me with a relatively recent listing of the number of colleges and universities in the US that offer programs or courses in Women's Studies---any suggestions? With thanks in advance.


See Joan Korenman's site from the University of Maryland: http://www.umbc.wdu/wmst/programs.html

See http://www.library.wisc.edu/libraries/WomensStudies/progs.htm

See links on H-Women Web site at http://h-net/msu.edu/~women Click on "links"...See the On-Line Bibliography of Women's History Programs, which includes, I believe, a list of international resources.