20th Century U.S. Women's Movement Bibliography

Query From Michele Nacy michele@qcom.net 03 April 1998

I am preparing a course - The American Women's Movement in the 20th Century-and must supply the committee with a thorough Reading list for the course. Any suggestions? This will be a 200 level coursenot restricted to history majors. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Did I mention that they want a preliminary list by next *Tuesday*!!! In advance, thanks for any help.


From JoAnne Thomas x93thomas2@wmich.edu 06 April 1998

I found _Faces of Feminism_ by Sheila Tobias, very helpful when mulling over how to organize lectures on the women's movement in the last half of the twentieth century. She clearly outlines why and how groups came together, and places the women's movement within a wider context of progressive movements. While I didn't assign the book--I got my copy too late to do that--her analysis put a new slant on how I presented the women's movement in class, and student discussions were livelier than in past semesters. She is both supportive and critical of the feminist movement. Since most of my students take my U.S. women's history survey as a required course and many of them are wary of feminist readings, her even handed approach might get more students to actually read with an open mind. (We've got some pretty conservative folks here. :)).

From Tim Hodgdon Tim.Hodgdon@asu.edu 06 April 1998

In response to Michelle Nacy's request for readings on 20th c. women's movement, I'd like to suggest Pam Allen, *Free space: a perspective on the small groups in women's liberation* (Times Change Press, 1971). I don't know if it's still available, but it's stylistically accessible, not overly long, and was a very influential piece of writing when it came out. It would give students an interesting perspective on what women's liberationists hoped to achieve.

Please take a look at the H-Women website, specifically the syllabi and bibliography sections. I'm sure there is material there which may be helpful to you, especially given your short time frame. The URL is http://h-net.msu.edu/~women

Maria Elena
Co-Editor, H-Women Website