WWII and Classroom Tips, November 1999

Query from Joan E. Denman silver2@tdo.infi.net Nov 1999

I have been asked to do a 20 minute presentation on women's wartime roles as a part of an all-day workshop that FSU's Institute on WWII and the Human Experience is holding for middle school and high school history teachers. In addition to some information on military women, defense workers, etc., I intend to mention some of the lesser-known activities of women during the war years, e.g. the All American Girls Professional Baseball League, Women's Land Army. ...I will have handouts with some facts and figures, along w/a short bibliography.

...Having never taught I'm unclear what these teachers may need. So, what suggestions can I give these teachers on what aspects of women's participation in the war or their postwar experiences can be used to the best advantage in the classroom? Thanking you in advance-


Gara, Larry and Lenna May _A Few Small Candles: War Resisters of World War II Tell Their Stories_(Also contact War Resisters League:See below for numbers)

Higonnet, Margaret, Jane Jensen, et al _Behind the Lines: Gender and Two World Wars_

Hurwitz, Deena and Craig Simpson, Eds. _Against the Tide: The Pacifist Resistance in the Second World War, An Oral History_ (Contact the War Resisters League re: copies: fax/212-228-6193, e-mail:wrl@igc.apc.org)

Kaminski, Theresa _Prisoners in Paradise: American Women in the Wartime South Pacific_ (U of Kansas Press, 2000)re: American women trapped in the Pacific theater...both military and (mostly) civilian.

Piercy, Marge (A novel) _Gone to Soldiers_ deals with WASPS,...racial tensions in Detroit, war work, etc.

Other Suggestions:

PBS American Experience 60 min. video entitled "Fly Girls" about the Women's Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs)

How about women patentees? Contact Lisa Marovich at lmarovic@lmumail.lmu.edu She wrote dissertation on female patentees and has concentrated on Civil War, WWI, and WWII.

How about depictions of women in film in WWII? A very good movie is "Paradise Road" with Glenn Close...the story of a group of British Society women ...captured by the Japanese and how they survive being in an internment camp till the end of the war.