Women and the Vietnam War Bibliography

Query From Stacy A. Cordery stacy@monm.edu 18 Nov 1998

Dear Colleagues,
I am teaching a course in the spring entitled "The Vietnam Era." I've never taught it before, and it is far, far outside my areas of specialization. To that end, I'm wondering if you can help me locate some good, readable books that would convey either the perspective of U.S. women in the war or on the homefront, or Vietnamese women who were touched in some way by the conflict. Novels would be fine; I just need some compelling reading.

I've searched the H-Net logs, and I know about Walker's _A Piece of My Heart_, Norman's _Women at War_, and Phan Than Hao's _Even The Women Must Fight_; but I haven't read any of them. I'm desperate and clueless (an unfortunate combination!). Thanks for any help you can give me.


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Other Suggestions:

...the New York Times Magazine did a very extensive story on American female nurses in Vietnam about two years ago. I'm sure you could find it with a Times index, or someone on the list may have the specific cite.

Van Devanter, Lynda _Home Before Morning_ ("a powerful classic")

[Subscriber comment: If you are going to read _Home Before Morning_ you should read more critical discussion of women's memoirs as well. See Cheryl Shell, "Making Sense of Vietnam and Telling the Real Story: Military Women in the Combat Zone" in _Vietnam Generation_,1,3-4(1989).]

Memoirs by Sybil Stockdale and Barbara Mullen Keenan

Possible websites: Start with Encyclopedia Britannica site at http://www.eblast.com/, then put "women vietnam" in the search box

Contact Ann Kelsey, Associate Director, Learning Resource Center, County College of Morris, 913-328-5311 e-mail at kelsey@email.njin.net. Has existing additional bibliographies on women and the Vietnam war

For the Vietnamese perspective, you could also try:

Lady Borton (1996) 'After Sorrow: An American Among the Vietnamese' Kodansha International, New York

Nguyen Thi Thu-Lam (1989), 'Fallen Leaves: Memoirs of a Vietnamese Woman from 1940-1975', Council on Southeast Asia Studies, Yale Center for International and Area Studies

Nguyen Thi Tuyet Mai (1994), 'The Rubber Tree: Memoir of a Vietnamese woman who was an Anti-French Guerrilla, a Publisher and a Peace Activist', McFarland and Company.

Chapter on Vietnam in Olivia Bennett, Jo Bexley, Kitty Warnock (eds.) (1995), 'Arms to Fight, Arms to Protect: Women speak out about Conflict', London, Panos.

Arlene Eisen wrote a book which I think was called 'Women in Vietnam', and was published in the 1970s, but I'm afraid I can't remember any more details. There is also a book by Rena Briand entitled 'Women in War', which I haven't read yet, and was published either late 1960s or 1970s.

See also www.vietnam-reference.com for info on women in the Vietnam War.