Female Telephone Operators Bibliography

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I hope someone can help me with a citation. I have a student doing an oral interview with an elderly great-aunt who once was a telephone operator, I believe in the 1920s-30s. I'm sure I've seen reference to a recent work on the telephone industry in general and female operator in particular. I've run out of places to look and wonder of anyone here is familiar with the work. Thanks in advance.


Cooper, Jill "Addressing Women's Health in the Workplace: The Medical Department at AT&T, 1911-1970"; Cooper is doctoral candidate at Rutgers History Dept.

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Norwood, Stephen Labor's Flaming Youth: Telephone Operators and Workers Militancy, 1878-1923 Focus on operators in Butte,Montana; Urbana: U of Illinois Press, 1990 or 1991

Rakow, Lana Gender on the Line: Women, the Telephone and Community Life U of Illinois Press

Sangster, Joan "The 1907 Bell Telephone Strike: Organizing Women Workers"; Labour, 1978

Yung, Judy Unbound Feet

Possible contact: Ursala Nienhaus of FFBIZ, Danckelmannstr. 47/15, D-14059, Berlin, Germany. Did research work many years ago on history of female telephone operators.

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