Resources for Teaching Women's History in High School

Query From Ellen Leader Pike el_pike@ACAD.FANDM.EDU 15 Jan 1998

I am working up a one semester course for senior high school students on women's history. I would like to present a broad view of history in both developed and developing countries. Does anyone know of any syllabi that might be appropriate? Since this is just an introductory one semester, perhaps it is too much to try to cover US, Europe, the World. Any suggestions?


From Joan R. Gundersen 16 Jan 1998

Covering the whole world in one semester is a very tall task. The only way to do that is to make huge jumps across very different cultures over time. I would encourage you to think a little more modestly in scope.

At any rate, you will want to look at the materials available through the Upper Midwest Women's History Center. They have resource books for women in developing countries as well as other materials. The Center is in Minnesota.

From Maria Elena Raymond 16 Jan 1998

While I don't have a syllabus to recommend, I think you should contact the National Women's History Project and have them send you a free catalog. They have a tremendous selection of resources, some of which may be helpful to you. Their e-mail is

And you might check the syllabi section of the H-Women website. Often recommendations for undergrad readings are appropriate for the level you're teaching. We're at

From Lyn Reese 19 Jan 1998

Why not look up my web site to see world history resources I've reviewed, my catalog, and other information? Also,the OAH published "Restoring Women to History" in 1988: an overview of women's history in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, which will help you select the regions you want to focus on.

From Benay Blend 19 Jan 1998

I missed the beginning of this thread, but have taught women's history at a residential high school for three years. I use _Unequal Sister_, and several other texts, organized according to topics. I would be glad to send a syllabus if I'm given an s-mail address.