Women and Smoking Bibliography

[Ed. Note: For some discussion on women and smoking, check the H-Women Discussion Logs for August, 1998. There should be three or four detailed responses.]

Query from Patricia A. Palmieri palmieri@umich.edu 04 Aug 1998

I am currently researching the history of women and smoking in U.S., 1870-present. I would be interested in any archival sources, articles, book chapters or oral histories relating to:

l. Southern women and snuff
2. College women and smoking 1920-present 3. Lucy Page Gaston and the Anti Cigarette League; 4. Public Health advice to pregnant women re: smoking 5. Memoirs/autobiographies using smoking as a theme, 1920-present Thanks.


Bernays, Edward L. _Memoirs_

Blumberg, Joan Jacobs _Coming of Age in the 1920s_

Fass, Paula _The Damned and the Beautiful_ (ch. 7)

Harrison, Marguerite "Sorority of Smoke on Wheels," _NY Times Book Review and Magazine_; 2 July 1922:4.

Miller, Karen "Smoking Up A Storm: Public Relations and Advertising in Construction of the Cigarette Problem," _Journalism Monographs_ (1992).

Sivulka, Juliann _Soap, Sex and Cigarettes: A Cultural History of Advertising_

Other Suggestions:

The institution of the Rare Book, Manuscript and Special Collections at Duke University has an extensive collection of materials related to tobacco and smoking. An exhibit held in 1997, "Golden Leaf, Evil Weed: Promoting Tobacco and Campaigning Against It," highlighted many of these sources. It is documented in _Duke University Libraries_, vol.10, #2, Winter 1997, pp.2-9. Feel free to contact me directly at Elizabeth B. Dunn, edunn@acpub.duke.edu or 919-660-5967, or visit our web site at http://scriptorium.lib.duke.edu/

You might also be interested in the holdings of the tobacco museum at Duke Homestead State Historic Site, 2828 Duke Homestead, Durham, NC 27705 919-477-5498

...There is, for example, considerable reference to smoking by "immoral" women in the Investigative Reports of NYC's Committee of Fourteen papers (an organization formed to fight commercialized prostitution).

....article of 10 Aug 1998 in St. Louis Post Dispatch by Ralph and Terry Kovel in their syndicated column...regarding cigarette advertising.