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I am an Honors student in American History researching a thesis about the language and rhetoric used by Margaret Sanger. Sources I have found very useful include Carole McCann's Birth Control Politics in the United States, Linda Gordon's Woman's Body, Woman's Right (plus many other articles by her) and Joan Jensen's articles in Signs re: the changes of Sanger's "Family Limitation" pamphlet. Then there are the biographies by James Reed, Ellen Chesler and David Kennedy that I have also read. Another source that many quote is a PhD dissertation from 1978 by Joan Gaulard, "Woman Rebel: The Rhetorical Strategies of Margaret Sanger...". Unfortunately, being in Australia, I have yet to find this (if ever). Can anyone recommend any other sources that may be helpful(and accessible) for my thesis? Thank you.


Articles: "What Every Girl Should Know"; The Call (newspaper), 1912 by Sanger, "What Every Mother Should Know"; The Call(newspaper), 1912 by Sanger

Mid-America: An Historical Review; Feb 1996; "Expanding Birth Control to the Hinterland: Cincinnati's First Contraceptive Clinic as a Case Study, 1929-1932" by Kriste Lindenmeyer; (vol. 77, no.2, pp.145-173).

Books: Banner, Lois Women in Modern America, A Brief History, 1972

Chesler, Ellen Woman of Valor

Hall, Ruth Passionate Crusader, The Life of Marie Stopes

Martin, Wendy, ed; The American Sisterhood; Harper & Row, 1972...contains a chapter taken from Sanger's work called "Birth Control-A Parent's Problem or a Woman's?"

Sanger,Margaret An Autobiography,1939

Sanger,Margaret & Stone, Dr. Hannah M. The Practice of Contraception ca. 1930

Schuetz, Janet Women on Trial has a chapter on Sanger

Author unknown Woman and the New Race; Ny, Truth Press, 1920

Internet Sources: The Marist College website is at

Archive Resources:

State Historical Society of Wisconsin has recently (May 1996) acquired correspondence with Emma Goldman, Margaret Sanger and other members of the Birth Control League, the Free Speech League, and other organizations involved in early 20th century reproductive rights campaigns(as well as other anti-censorship and free speech activities.) Contact the Association in Madison,Wisconsin.

The Margaret Sanger Papers Project is a documentary editing project located in the History Department of the New York University. There are over 100,000 documents to be catalogued, indexed, and researched. The goal is to produce a microfilm and electronic edition of the Papers of Margaret Sanger. For information about research availability contact Cathy Moran Hajo, Assistant Editor, Dept. of History, New York University, 19 University Place, New York, NY 10003-6731. Voice: 212-998-8666; Fax: 212-995-4017; email

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