Women, Work and Religious Values Bibliography

Query From Nelson Oullett oullettn@umoncton.ca 30 April 1998

One of my (undergrad) students is doing a comparative analysis (based on census data) on the influence religious values have had at the turn of the century (1880-1920) on the participation of Italian, Mexican, and French Canadian women on the U.S. labor market. She is now in the process of compiling a short bibliography for this project. At this time, she has considered the books of Bruno Ramirez, Virginia Yans-McLaughlin, Alice Kessler-Harris, S.J. Kleinberg, and Gary Gerstle.

Any other suggestions, especially on the history of Mexican women working in the U.S.? Thanks in advance!


Amott, Teresa and Julie Matthaei _Race, Gender and Work_ (South End Press, 1996).

Hareven, Tamara look at her works on textile mill towns

Romero, Mary _Maid in the USA_ (Routledge, 1992)

Ruiz, Vicki L. _Cannery Women, Cannery Lives_ and her latest book, _From Out of the Shadows_