Women Suffering from Postpartum Depression

Query from Kim Nielsen nielsen@uwgb.edu 05 April 1999

Does anyone know of historical and/or cross-cultural research done on postpartum depression? I've read speculation that Charlotte Perkins Gilman suffered from postpartum depression but haven't been able to find anything else. A student of mine wondered in class about the incidence rate among working-class or enslaved women. Thanks!


From Judybeth Crowell jbckitty@aol.com 06 April 1999

I am an RN student who did a paper on postpartum depression last semester. Much of the research I ran across was from Cheryl Beck, R.N., Ph.D. She is a nursing instructor at UConn. I don't have her e-mail address...but she may be able to point your student in the right direction.

From Lesley Hall leasleyah@primex.co.uk 06 April 1999

Hilary Maryland (University of Warwick) is working on postpartum insanity in the 19c-I'm not sure if she's published anything yet, but she'd certainly know whether there is any existing literature...

From Ann Kendall makend1@pop.uky.edu 09 April 1999

In order to answer Kim's question about postpartum depression I talked to our UK library at the medical center and Mark suggested that we search PUBMED for articles, the list below is the result of the first search and gives lots of leads for your student. He also suggested a number of other sets of articles such as those under cinahl, which is a nursing search line, "socialfiles" and sociological abstracts as they have articles that cover a longer period historically. Our library's URL is http://www.uky.edu/Libraries/ and that leads to databases. Or, if you have a good medical library they should be able to help you find more information. I thought the Stuchbery article might be of particular use as it deals with three contrasting cultures, but these other articles cover much of the world. If you need any further search pointers I will be happy to assist, (I always knew my years in the medical field before doing history and geography would pay off!!) Hope this helps. Ann PUBMED search produced these articles with the search line "postpartum depression cultural" Bewley C.

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