Women in Peloponnesian War Bibliography

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I am a middle school teacher working with a group on developing curriculum to teach mu sixth graders about ancient Greece. We are planning a lesson in which students would debate issues around t the Peloponnesian War, but the other group members are looking at the viewpoints of male political leaders. Their argument: "This is what we have resources for." Is there recent scholarship on the views of women and others on this war? I want to get us away from a purely male and political POV. Any recommendations for readings or other listservs are greatly appreciated.


Aristophanes His comedic play, "Lysistrata"

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Pericles _Funeral Oration_

Plato _Republic_, Book 5 _Laws_

Schaps, Davis "The Women of Greece in Wartime." _Classical Philology_77. (1982): 193-213. Contact Schaps at dschaps@mail.biu.ac.il, Dept. of Classical Studies, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel Fax 972-3-534-7601

Xenophon _Anabasis_

Other Suggestions:

The play "Trojan Women"