Female Doctors and Midwives in China Bibliography May 1996

Query From Amy Thomas thomas@nicco.sscnet.ucla.edu 21 May 1996

I'm a graduate student in Chinese history at UCLA, and I'm currently interested in female doctors and their involvement in the movement for the professionalism of midwifery in early twentieth century China. While I'm familiar with the general 'gender and 'science' literature, and have read Laquer, Braidotti, and Ehrenreich/English, I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good review of the Europeanist/Americanist literature on midwives and female doctors? It would give me a good head start into a literature review and I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


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Donegan, Jane B. Women and Men Midwives

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Shorter, Edward A History of Women's Bodies Basic Book, 1982

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Walzer-Leavitt, Judith Brought to Bed

"Science Enters the Birthing Room", The Journal of American History, 70 (Sept.,1983)

Wertz, Richard and Dorothy Lying-In

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