Anglo-Chicana/Mexicana Marriages Bibliography

Query from Dorothy Reina X-posted from H-Ethnic, H-West 13 Feb 1997 & SpanBord

I am doing research on the topic of Anglo-Chicana/Mexicana marriages in the southwest U.S. between 1850-1900 and would appreciate any suggestions of books and/or articles that might be worth investigating. Your help in this matter is most appreciated.


Carver, Rebecca McDowell _The Impact of Intimacy: Mexican-Anglo Intermarriage in New Mexico, 1821-1846_(El Paso,Texas Western Press, 1982, ISBN #0-87404-125-2)

Dysart, Jane "Mexican Women in San Antonio, 1830-1860", _WHQ_ (Oct 1976):365-76.

Jeffrey, Julie Roy _Frontier Women:The Trans-Mississippi West:1840-1880_(NY, Hill & Wang, 1974)

Jensen, Joyce and Darlis A. Miller, Ed. _New Mexico Women:Intercultural Experiences(U of New Mexico Press, 1986)

Luce, W. Ray "Samuel Brannan: Speculator in Mexican Lands" (M.A. thesis, Brigham Young U, 1968)

Miller, Darlis A. "Cross-Cultural Marriages in the Southwest: The New Mexico Experience, 1846-1900", (_New Mexico Historical Quarterly_Oct, 1982):335-60

Officer, James _Hispanic Arizona_

Sanchez, George J. _Becoming Mexican American: Ethnicity, Culture and Identity in Chicano Los Angeles, 1900-1945_

Sheridan, Thomas _Los Rancheros_ (U of Arizona)

Other Resources/Contacts:

Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley--has entire back issues of the Taos Herald

Contact: Darlis Miller, History Dept., NMSU, Las Cruces, NM

Sandra Jaramillo, Dir. of New Mexico State Archives in Santa Fe Ph:505-827-7332

Deena Gonzalez, Chicano Studies Center at Claremont Colleges

Antonia Castaneda at Univ. of Texas at Austin

Try 1900 and 1890 census reports, also 1890-1910 census for New Mexico Try 1850 & 1860 census for Bexar County, Texas

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