Latina Women in Film Bibliography

Query From Cheryl Koos 18 May 1998

I have a student doing a research paper on representations of Latina women in contemporary (1940-present) film. She (and I) would appreciate any recommendations for films prior to 1970 or for secondary literature on the topic or on a related one. I seem to recall some work on Carmen Miranda, but cannot remember where I saw it. Thanks in advance.


Bananas is My Business (Life of Carmen Miranda)by Helena Soldburg (1994)

Gringo in Manana-Land, The (Dede Halleck,Dir.) 1995

High Noon

Lone Star

Mi Vida Loca (Alison Anders,Dir.)1985

Milagro Bean Field War (Robert Redford,Dir.)

One-Eyed Jacks (w/Katy Jurado and Pina Pellicer)

Rio Grande (w/Maureen O'Hara)

Salt of the Earth

The Appaloosa (w/Anjanette Comer) 1966

The Mexican Spitfire's Blessed Event (Lupe Velez)

The Professionals (w/Claudia Cardinale as "Maria")1966

The Ritz (w/Rita Moreno)

Touch of Evil (w/Marlene Dietrich)

Vera Cruz (w/Denise Darcel and Sarita Monteil) 1954

West Side Story


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Lopez, Ana Assorted articles, including "Are All Latins from Manhattan?: Hollywood, Ethnography and Cultural Colonialism" in Lester Friedman's _Unspeakable Images_; and article on Delores Del Rio and Carmen Miranda in King, John, Ana Lopez and Manuel Alvarado, Eds., _Mediating Two Worlds_

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Other Suggestions:
Check recent issues of the journal _Studies in Latin American Popular Culture_

Check out this Chicano Cinema website:

See the films by Maria Luisa Bemberg of Argentina...especially "Camila" and "Yo la peor de todas"

See film by Fernando Solanas "Sur"

Also films on Frida Kahlo