Frida Kahlo Bibliography

Query From Carolyn J. Eichner 30 Sept 1998

I have a student working on an undergraduate honors thesis on Frida Kahlo. As
a French historian, my knowledge in this area is quite limited. Can anyone suggest work specifically addressing issues of Kahlo and gender, and/or more
generally relevant work regarding early-mid 20th century female artists and questions of gender. I appreciate the guidance.


Borsa, Joan "Frida Kahlo: Marginalization and the Critical Female Subject" in the_ British Journal_, Third Text #12 (Autumn 1990) :21-40

Chadwick, Wendy _Women Artists and the Surrealist Movement_ (excellent section on Kahlo)

Elliott, Bridget and JoAnn Wallace, eds. _Women Artists and Writers:Modernist
Impositionings_(Routledge, 1994)

Herrera, Hayden biography of Kahlo

Mulvey, Laura and Peter Wollen, (see also the video) "Frida Kahlo and Tina Modotti" in Mulvey's _Visual and Other Pleasures_(Indiana UP, 1989) :81-110

Other Suggestions:

I have an extensive bibliography that I provide my students in my course on 20th-century Women's art, with a large section on gender issues....Have the student contact me: Dr. Karen A. Bearor at or c/o Dept. of Art History, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL 32306-1151

Stella Clark at California State University, San Marcos has done extensive work on Kahlo and gender. The student can reach her at

...If interested let me know...I will need to get a book list together for you...
Pat Brown