Italian women during WWII [Sources in English]/Bibliography

Query from Irene V. Guenther" <> 13 Nov 1997

I am teaching a course on Women, WWII, and the Home Front Experience next semester. Set up as a comparative course, the class will study women in Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Vichy France, the United States, and the concentration camps. I have had real difficulty finding good material in English on women in Italy. I will use a chapter from the DeGrazia book, but am looking for scholarly essays as well as autobiographical materials. The other countries are no problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Also, any _paperback_ titles regarding women in England that are currently available?


Addis, Elisabetta, Valeria E. Russo, Lorena Sebesta, Eds. _Women Soldiers: Images and Realities_(New York, St. Martin's Press, 1994).

Boston, Anne, Ed. _Wave Me Goodbye: Stories of the Second World War_(Viking, 1989)

Braybon, Gail and Penny Summerfield _Out of the Cage_

Coontz, Claudia _Mothers in the Fatherland_

Jameson, Storm _Journey From the North_, end of Vol.1, Vol.11

Miller, Betty _On The Side of Angels_(Fiction, Virago)

Mitchison, Naomi _Among You Taking Notes_

Morante, Elsa _Historia_ (Novel)

Newby, Eric _Love and War [in the Apennines]_

Origo, Iris _War in the Val d'Orcia_(David Godine, Pub.)

Partridge, Frances _A Pacifist's War_

Sheridan, Dorothy _Wartime Women_

Slaughter, Jane _Women and the Italian Resistance, 1943-45_ (Denver, CO., Arden Press, 1997).

Taylor, Elizabeth _At Mrs. Lippincote's_ (Fiction, Virago)

Other Suggestions:

Film: _Two Women_ with Sophia Loren