19th Century U.S. Social History and Gender Bibliography

Query From Nina Lerman lermanne@whitman.edu 27 May 1996

I am teaching an undergraduate seminar (meaning a fair bit of reading and a research paper) next fall under the broad rubric of 19th c US social history. I am in quest, therefore, of digestible-by-good-undergrads monographs, and articles within a range of methodologies, especially ones making use of gender as analytical tool. I will be particularly grateful for your suggestions re: western or southern topics. This course is cross-listed in gender studies, but too much (perceived) focus on "women's history" will draw criticism from some quarters. Many thanks.


Bourke, Paul and Debats, David Washington County: Politics and Community in Antebellum America (John Hopkins, 1995)

Cloud, Barbara "Establishing the Frontier Newspaper: A Study of Eight Western Territories," Journalism Quarterly 61, (Winter 1984), 805-818.

DuBois, Ellen and Ruiz, Vicki,eds: Unequal Sisters: A Multicultural Reader in US Women's History (second edition)

McMurray, Sally Transforming Rural Life: Dairying Families and Agricultural Change, 1820-1885 (Hopkins, 1995)

Peavy, Linda and Smith, Ursala, eds: The Gold Rush Widows of Little Falls (St. Paul: Minnesota Historical Society, 1990)

Rotundo, Anthony title of book not named

The Kingdom of Matthias (no author given)

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