Gender/Technology/Development Bibliography

Query From Jesse Bump 29 May 1997

any assistance with this query will be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to generate a small bibliography on knowledge and gender that includes scholarship that concerns the following areas:

  1. Technology transfer
  2. Domestic technology
  3. International development

Even (especially!) basic references are welcome as I am unfamiliar with this literature. Please accept my thanks in advance.


Braidotti, Rosi, Ewa Charkiewicz, Samine Haeusler &Saskia Wieringa, Eds. _Women, The Environment and Sustainable Development_(Zed Books, 1994)

Conn, Ruth Schwartz _More Work For Mother: The Ironies of Household Technology from the Open Hearth to the Microwave_(Basic Books, 1983..still in print in paperback)

Laslett, Barbara, Sally Gregory Kohlstedt, Helen Longino and Evelyn Hammonds, Eds. _Gender and Scientific Authority_(U of Chicago Press, 1996)

Lerman, Nina, Arwen Mohun and Ruth Oldenziel, Eds. _Technology and Culture Journal_ January, 1997

Marchand, Marianne H. and Jane L. Parpart, Eds. _Feminism, Postmoderism, Development_(Routledge, 1995)

Shiva, Vandana _Close to Home: Women Reconnect Ecology, Health and Development Worldwide_(New Society, 1994)

Spender, Dale _Nattering on the Net_(1996?)

Wajcman, Judy _Feminism Confronts Technology_ (Penn State U Press, 1991) [a classic, tho now outdated]

Wright, Barbara, et al. , Eds. _Women, Work and Technology_(1987)

Other Suggestions:

_Wired Women_ (eds. unknown)

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