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Hello Everyone,

I'm trying to compile a bibliography of historical literature on the subject of gender and consumerism. I'm not having much luck. Could anyone suggest anything? My main focus is American and Canadian, but I would be interested in any articles/books/chapters regardless place. Thank you in advance.


Benson, Porter _Counter Cultures: Saleswomen, Managers and Customers in American Department stores, 1890-1940 (Urbana, 1986)

Billington-Greig, Teresa _The Consumer in Revolt_(London, Stephen Swift, 1912?) **chapter on "woman, the consumer

Brewer, John & Roy Porter,eds _Consumption and the World of Goods_(Routledge, 1993)

Burke, Timothy _Lifebouy Men, Lux Women: Commodification, Consumption and Cleanliness in Modern Zimbabwe_(Duke, 1996)

Carson, Gary, Ronald Hoffman & Peter J. Alberts, eds., _Of Consuming Interests: The Style of Life in the 18th Century_(U of Virginia Press, 1994) **see esp. Karen Calvert's "The Function of Fashion"

Cohen, Lizabeth _Making a New Deal_ **some segments on shifting patterns of consumption ALSO: "The Class Experience of Mass Consumption" in Richard Wightman Fox and T.J. Jackson Lears, eds, _The Power of Culture_(1993)

de Grazia, Victoria _The Sex of Things_(1996) **includes very good biblio by Ellen Furlough(U of California Press, 1996)

Frank, Dana "Housewives, Socialists, and the Politics of Food: The 1917 New York Cost-of Living Protests", _Feminist Studies_11:2 (Summer 1985):p255-285. ALSO: "Gender, Consumer Organizing, and the Seattle Labor Movement" in Ava Baron, ed. _Work Engendered_(1991)

Garvey, Ellen Gruber _The Adman in the Parlor: Magazines and the Gendering of Consumer Culture, 1880s to 1910s_(Oxford U Press, 1996) ** see also footnotes

Leach, William "Transformations in a Culture of Consumption: Women

Loeb, Lori Anne _Consuming Angels: Advertising and Victorian Women_(Oxford U Press, 1994)

McCracken, Grant _Culture and Consumption_(Indiana U Press, 1990)**esp. Chapter 6

McKenderick, Neil, John Brewer and J.H. Plumb, eds. _The Birth of a Consumer Society_(Indiana U. Press, 1982)...article about Wedgewood's marketing aimed at women.

Orleck, Annelise "We Are That Mythical Thing Called The Public", _Feminist Studies_19 (Spring 1993)

Parr, Joy "Shopping for a Good Stove: A Parable about Gender, Design and the Market" in Joy Parr, ed, _A Diversity of Women: Ontario, 1945-1980_(Toronto, U of Toronto Press, 1995)

Pedersen, Diana _Changing Women, Changing History: A Bibliography of the History of Women in Canada_ (2nd ed. 1996) **see "mass culture" chapter

Peiss, Kathy _Cheap Amusements_**women, pop culture & fashion

Perkins, Elizabeth A. "The Consumer Frontier" _J. of American History_78 (sept. 1991)

Pruitt, Bettye Hobbs "Self-Sufficiency and the Agricultural Economy of 18th Century Massachusetts", _W&M Quarterly_41 (July 1984)

Scanlon, Jennifer _Inarticulate Longings: The Ladies' Home Journal, Gender, and the Promises of Consumer Culture_(NY, Routledge, 1995)

Shammas, Carole "How Self-Sufficient Was Early America?" _J. of Interdisciplinary History_13 (Autumn 1982)

Willis, Ellen "Consumerism and Women" in Vivian Gornick and Barbara Moran, eds. _Women in Sexist Society_(NY, Basic Books)

Wright, Cynthia "Feminine Trifles of Vast Importance: Writing Gender Into the History of Consumption" in Franca Iacovetta and Mariana Valverde, eds, _Gender Conflicts: New Essays in Women's History_(U of Toronto Press, 1992) pp.229-260

Wolfe, Allis Rosenberg "Women, Consumerism, and the National Consumers' League in the Progressive Era", Labor History_16 (1975)

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Contact CMC, the new journal (yet to be published) at U of Arizona (or Arizona State)

The play _Signs of Life_ by Joan Schenkar

"...would seem worth looking at all the bright, provocative, cultural-intellectual material--American Studies kinds of things: Ann Douglas, Jackson Lears, Christopher Lasch, etc."

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