Freud, Lacan & Phallas as Power Bibliography

Query From Anna Cherkasova 12 March 1997

I am an MA student from the Gender Studies department at the Central European University and I am making research in the field of representation of the body and sexuality. I have already asked for the information on Foucault and Law and I am very grateful to those who helped me. Now I am writing a paper on Freud and Lacan focusing on their understanding of the concept of phallus as a symbol of power. Perhaps someone on the list might help me with a few ideas on what literature and sources I should better use. I plane to cover _The Second Sex-, _History of Love_by Diane Ackerman and I would like to mention the visual images, movies (like Emmanuelle) and cultural traditions of some countries. Sincerely.


Butler, Judith _Bodies That Matter_(see chapter on "Lesbian Phallus"); also _Gender Trouble_

Flax, Jane _Thinking Fragments_; also _Disputed Subjects_

Gallop, Jane _Reading Lucan_

Irigaray, Luce _Speculum of the Other Woman_

Rose, Jacqueline "introduction" in _Feminine Sexuality_

Other Source Suggestions:

de Laurentis, Teresa _The Practice of Love_ (film)

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