WW I Battlefield Nurses in France Bibliography

Query From Jackie McElhaney jmmcedaltx.aol.com 19 June 1997

For a book being written, I am looking for sources which would list the names
of women who served as battlefield nurses in France during WWI, and what, if any, medals or recognition were awarded to them by the French government.
I am seeking to learn what agency in France one would contact for information
with the Legion of Honor for battlefield nursing during WWI.


Dock, Lavina L., Sarah Elizabeth Pickett, Clara D. Noyes, Fannie F. Clement, Elizabeth G. Fox and Ann R. Van Meter, Eds. _History of the American Red Cross_ (NY: Macmillan Co., 1922). Appendix lists nurses decorated and decorations rec'd, pp. 1471-1478

Contact: The U.S. Army Department has a small library and archives that includes lots of information on the Army Nurse Corps and will have information on the nurses in France during WWI. I believe the archivist's name
is Bob...Their phone number is 210-221-9358 or 221-6277. Snail mail address: AMED Museum, P.O. Box 340244, Fort Sam Houston, Texas, 78234

For UK nurses the Imperial War Museum; Queen Alexandra's Army Nursing Sisters also have their own regimental museum.

See _The Story of the U.S. Army Base Hospital No. 5_ by "a member of the unit"
Members were volunteers of the Harvard nursing unit. (Published 1919).

See new book by Lettie Gavin on women in WWI

Check large medical Universities for their information on the volumes "Journal of American Nursing."

Check the State Historical Society of Wisconsin for their volume on U.S. Legion of Honor winners. It may be a government document.

Check with various orders of nuns, e.g. Sisters of Charity