Feminist Mothers and Sons Bibliography

From Terry Cook terry.cook@sympatico.com 19 July 1998 Message posted on behalf of Professor Sharon Cook, University of Ottawa (please reply directly to "scook@uottawa.ca" or if of general interest, to the list:

Does anyone know of published sources (books, memoirs, autobiographies, magazine or journal articles) by or about sons of feminist mothers, for any nation, in English? This could be for sons of first- or second-wave feminists, or earlier proto-feminists. Professor Cook wishes to study the degree to which feminist mothers brought their beliefs into the home, and thus how conscious sons were of their mother's feminist principles and lifestyle, and, as importantly, how sons perceived these feminist principles and persona affecting their own lives. These sources with an historical perspective will complement information already gathered from interviews and field observations. While interesting work has been done on feminist mother-daughter relationships, the mother-son relationship has received much less attention. Many thanks for any suggestions or ideas.


Andersen, Margaret and Patricia Hill Collins, Eds. _Race, Class, and Gender: AN Anthology_ (2nd ed., Wadsworth, 1995): Article by Audre Lord "Man Child: A Black Lesbian Feminist Response."

Anderson, Mary, Kathleen Geissler, Joyce Ladenson, and Lisa Fine, Eds. _Doing Feminism: Teaching and Research in the Academy_(MSU Press, 1997) Particularly article by Julia Balen entitled "Motherly Voices: Dancing Through a Field of Children."

Arcana, Judith _Every Mother's Son: The Role of Mothers in the Making of Men_(Doubleday Anchor, 1983).

Lazarre, Jane _Beyond the Whiteness of Whiteness: Memoir of a White Mother of Black Sons_ (Duke Univ. Press, 1995).

Rich, Adrienne _Of Woman Born_, Chap. VIII, "Mother and Son, Woman and Man," 1976

Reddy, Maureen T. _Crossing the Color Line: Race, Parenting and Culture_(Rutgers, 1994).

Reddy, Maureen T., Martha Roth, & Amy Sheldon, Eds. _Mother Journeys: Feminists Write About Mothering_ (Spinsters Ink, 1994).

Skeffington, Andree Sheehy _Skeff_(Dublin: Liliput Press, 1991)

Trebilcot, Joyce, Ed. _Mothering: Essays in Feminist Theory_ (Rowman & Allanheld, 1984). Particularly article by Barbara Love and Elizabeth Shanklin, "The Answer is Matriarchy."

West, Anthony _Aspects of a Life_

Other Suggestions:

English documentary entitled "My Mother is an Alien." Shown on Australian TV approx. latter part of 1997. Series of interviews w/now adult children of lesbian feminists.

Ms. Magazine issues (possibly fall 1993, and/or 1996)

Film "Les Terribles Vivantes"/"Firewords" (Film Board of Canada, 1986)

New Yorker Magazine (possibly Feb., 1997) series of Martha Gelhorn's letters to Rebecca West and dealt w/the attacks that her son Anthony made on her.