Feminist Biography Bibliography

Query From Pat van der Spuy pat@beattie.uct.ac.za 18 Nov 1996

Hi again from South Africa! I've just sent out a request for help on designing a gender studies major; this is quite a different request. I have just changed the topic of my PhD from nineteenth century women at the Cape, South Africa, in general, to the life history of one particular woman (Killie Campbell, granddaughter of a settler, who lived from 1881-1965), and am desperately looking for secondary literature on feminist biography. I am interested in anything that's been written on theories/methodologies, and also in seeing how feminist biographies differ from other kinds of biographies. I would therefore be interested in looking at feminist biographies of women in particular. Until now I've been located very firmly in the 18th and 19th centuries, and have no experience with oral history-is there any literature on feminist oral history? This field is new to me, but I have a sense that 'biography' is a contested term-I would be very interested in responses to that, too. Many thanks in advance.


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