Feminist Anthropology Bibliography

Query from: "Richard L. Warms" rw04@swt.edu 10 Sept 1998

Dear List Members,

Jon McGee and I are editors of a volume called Anthropological Theory: an introductory history. The book is a collection of heavily annotated essays spanning the history of anthropology from the late 19th century to the present. It is designed for use by advanced undergraduates and first year grad students.

As we prepare the second edition, we are looking to update our section on anthropology and gender we are looking for advice.

There are currently three selections in this section: Sally Slocum "Women the Gatherer: Male Bias in Anthropology," "Sherry B. Ortner "Is Female to Male as Nature is to Culture?" and Melissa Llewelyn-Davies "Women, Warriors, and Patriarchs."

Some of these pieces will be moved to other sections of the book in the new edition and we are looking to add two new essays in anthropology and gender. We would greatly appreciate suggestions for these essays. Which essays do people think are the most important writings in anthropology and gender of the past ten years or so? Thank you so much for your assistance,


Abu-Lughod, Lila "The Romance of Resistance: Tracing Transformations of Power Through Bedouin Women." in _In Beyond the Second Sex_, ed. by P.R. Sanday and R.G. Goodenough 311-337. (Philadelphia: U of Pennsylvania Press, 1990)

"A Tale of Two Pregnancies," in Ruth Behar and Deborah Gordon, Eds. _Women Writing Culture_(U of Calif. Press, 1995 or 1996)) Conkey, Margaret W. and Joan M. Gero "Tensions, Pluralities, and Engendering Archaeology: An Introduction to Women and Prehistory" in _Engendering Archaeology:Women and Prehistory_(Blackwell, Oxford, 1991)

Behar, Ruth intro to her book: _The Vulnerable Observer: Anthropology That Breaks Your Heart_(beacon Press, 1997)

Collier, Jane and Sylvia Yanagisako "The Mode of Reproduction in Anthropology" in D.L. Rhode, Ed. _Theoretical Perspective on Sexual Differences_(Yale U Press, 1990).

_Gender and Kinship: Essays Toward a Unified Analysis_eds. (Stanford U Press, 1987) including essay by Harriet Whitehead: "Fertility and Exchange in New Guinea."

Gordon, Deborah A. "Writing Culture, Writing Feminism: The Poetics and Politics of Experimental Ethnography," _Inscriptions 3/4 (1988), special issue on Feminism and the Critique of Colonial Discourse

"Borderwork," in Behar and Gordon, eds. _Women Writing Culture_(U of Calif. Press, 1995 or 1996).

John, Mary E. the last essay in her book, _Discrepant Dislocations_(U of Calif Press, 1997).

Leacock, Eleanor "Interpreting the Origins of Gender Inequality: Conceptual and Historical Problems."

Narayan, Kirin opening short story in _Women Writing Culture_, (U of Calif Press, 1995 or 1996)

Spector, Janet _What This Awl Means_

Stoler, Ann " Carnal Knowledge and Imperial Power: The Politics of Race and Sexual Morality in Colonial Asia." in _Gender at the Crossroads: Feminist Anthropology in Colonial Asia_, ed. Micaela di Leonardo, 51-101 (Berkeley and Los Angeles, Uof California Press, 1991).

"Rethinking Colonial Categories: European Communities and the Boundaries of Rule" in _Comparative Studies in Society and History 31_, no. 1 (1989): 134-161. Reprinted in Nicholas Dirks, ed. _Colonialism and Culture_(Ann Arbor, U of Michigan Press, 1992)

"Making Empire Respectable: The Politics of Race and Sexual Morality in 20th Century Colonial Cultures."

Visweswaran, Kamala "Betrayal: An Analysis in Three Acts" in her _Feminist Fictions of Ethnography_(U of Minnesota Press, 1995).

Other Suggestions:

_Hidden Scholars_ n.a.

_Feminist Messages: Coding in Women's Folklore_n.a.

_Feminist Theory and the Study of Folklore_n.a.