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Query From Paula Watts hiprw@cc.newcastle.edu.au 10 Dec 1997

Dear Colleagues,
I am writing a history of a Women's Hospital in inner Sydney in the period 1900-1930. Statistically, single pregnant women accounted for 80% of the confinements attended at the hospital during those years. Is anyone aware of references in the literature, newspapers, or other sources, of the period or later, which relate specifically to single unwed women or "fallen women" as they were perceived. I do know of Shurlee Swain and Renate Howe's wonderful book, _Single Mothers and Their Children: Punishment and Survival in Australia_.

Follow-up clarification: Although my thesis concerns the experience of Australian mothers, I have recently read Rosenberg's _The Care of Strangers_, concerning the rise of American hospitals, an excellent text. I should therefore cast my net as wide as possible and ask please for material on unwed mothers in general. Thank you.


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Solinger, Rickie _Wake Up Little Susie_

Other Suggestions:

There is a history of the Florence Crittenden homes in the U.S., published 1993-94??