English Laws on Divorce Bibliography

Query From: Max & Emanuela Perugia, Italia

My girlfriend is writing her G.T. in english sensation literature using some material about divorce bills from 1857 to the end of the Victorian age. Because it's quite difficult to find codes and such legal material directly in Italy, she asked me to search here. If anyone out there has got some references or digitalized texts (or a URL address that refers to) I'll be enormously happy to give it to her. I (and she) thank you all in advance.


From Lesley Hall Lesley_Hall@classic.msn.edu 28 Sept 1998

There was a Divorce Act in 1857. This remained in force until 1923, but there were other acts relating to separation (which did not enable remarriage) during that period, also various cases relating to conjugal rights, etc. McGregor's 1950-something book on _Divorce in England_ is a good short overview of the legal position. A good recent book on the subject, in particular on how the law operated, is .J. Hammerton's _Cruelty and Companionship_.

From David Doughan The Fawcett Library fawcett@lgu.ac.uk 10 Nov 1998

....Part of the problem is that I don't think there were any divorce bills (if this means "projects of law") between 1857 and 1906, by which time Victoria was well dead. If she can get hold of a copy (in Rome? Bologna?), Lawrence Stone's _Road to Divorce(Oxford UP, 1990) has a summary of the situation after 1857.