Deconstruction and Feminist Theory in German Women's History Bibliography

Query From Nikola Mueller 08 Dec 1997

I am searching for Women's Historians who work with deconstruction and postmodern theories.Fascinated by Joan W. Scott, I'm disappointed by a lack of Women's Historians in Germany who consider themselves as feminist AND postmodern.I think it's necessary not only to adapt Scott in Woman's History in Germany, but also to create modified postmodern "tools" for Women's History in Germany.

Does someone know of a "German equivalent" to Joan W. Scott? Thank you.


Canning, Kathleen _Languages of Labor and Gender_(Cornell, 1996) See also her articles in _Signs_, _AHR_and a chapter in the Frader and Rose collection (also Cornell)

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Contact Canning at Ann Arbor, Michigan

Additional Comment:
From S. Shin 10 Dec 1997

...I believe the original inquiry asked for a German theorist rather than a non-German theorist....
I think this distinction is important. The most compelling example is the frequent problem of applying western theories of history to non-western countries' histories. Although sometimes theories can be applied regardless of cultural differences or geographic distinctions, sometimes they cannot. Plus, I think it would be interesting to see if a non-western (or in this case a German) theorist would have a different insight into understanding history....Nevertheless, I still think it would be interesting for Americans (and others) to move away from western theories of history, and to open the door to non-American/ Western theorists.