Women's Battalion of Death Bibliography

Query: From Katherine Burger Johnson
kbjohn01@ulkyvm.louisville.edu 18 March 1996

I have a general question about the Women's Battalion of Death. When I mentioned this to the professor of Russian history when I was in graduate school, he told me that the Battalion was a myth and there was no reliable primary sources to support its activities. I though that was strange because I had seen it mentioned quite often. Could someone send information on sources? Thanks.


Bochkareva(or Botchkareva) Maria L.(with Issac Don Lvine): Yashka: My Life as a Peasant, Officer and Exile; NY, Frederick A. Stokes Co., 1919

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Dorr, Rheta Child: Title unknown; copy at Univ. of Iowa

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Farmborough, Florence: Nurse At The Russian Front: A Diary 1914-1918

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Reed, John: mentions in his book...no title

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Articles, Journals, etc:

"Protokoly doprosov organizatora Petrogradskogo zhenskogo balal'ona smerti." Otechestvennye arhiv,1 (1994): 50-66 Bochkareva's 1920 depositions to the police at the time of her arrest by the Bolsheviks.

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Roberts, Mary Fanton, Inc. The Touchstone; "The Battalion of Death, Made Up of Women Soldiers Who Are Today Fighting Russia's Battle" by Michael Posner, September, 1917

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