Czech Women: Sources and Contacts Bibliography

[Ed. Note: This biblio combines two requests for similar info]

Query From Yoko Mimura 2 June 1998

Dear Women's History Discussion List members:

I have recently started a research on Czech women and their life cycle choices (marriage, child rearing, divorce, etc) from an economic perspective to eventually compare them with Japanese and American women.

So far, I have found a few useful information about Czech and former Czechoslovakia. And I would like to know if any of you know some sources related to Czech women or contact persons I can refer to. Thank you very much!

Query From Helen Langa 18 June 1998

Hello, I'm making this request for a student, Katya Zigerlig, who is writing her MA thesis on the Czech surrealist artist Toyen. Katja has had difficulty finding material specifically on the status of women in Czechoslovakia during the interwar decades; can anyone suggest resources? They do not have to be in English; she reads German fluently. Thanks.


Try the Prague Gender Studies Centre website: It's in Czech, but I'm sure there are folks there who speak reasonable English. Email:

Contact Judy Brown, Dept. of History at Brandeis University...there was a Czech student named Nora(??) in her grad class. Her dissertation should be available through the university microfilms and at the Brandeis library. Judy Brown can be reached at

Heitlinger, Alena _Women and State Socialism: Sex Inequality in the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia_ (Montreal: McGill-Queen's U Press, 1979).

Have you seen Wilman Iggers WOMEN OF PRAGUE (Providence, 1995)?