Women and the Construction of Class Bibliography

Query From Maureen Hickey maureen.hickey@stonebow.otago.ac.nz 06 May 1998

Help! I'm engaged in an argument over the past women played in constructing class (especially working, lower middle, middle class) at the turn-ofthe century, and am having trouble finding any developed analysis of the matter. It isn't my area, and I wouldn't pursue it, but finding data used that assumed the universality and sole importance of male experience, and having now defended on that basis that date relating to men provides a more than adequate base for generalising, I'm willing to keep looking for material. I've started going through the historical abstracts beginning in the early eighties, but so far have found nothing focussed or developed enough.

Any suggestions as to articles or books I could check out?


Blumin, Stuart _The Emergence of the Middle Class_

Burton, Antoinette _Burdens of History_

Davidoff and Hall

Doyle, Don H. _New Men,New Cities, New South_

Ewen, _Immigrant Daughters_

Harttunan, Karen _Confidence Men and Painted Ladies_

Kaplan _Making of the Jewish Middle Class: Women, Family and Identity in Imperial Germany_.

Peiss _Cheap Amusements_

Scott, Joan _Gender and the Politics of History_

Skeggs, Beverely _Formations of Class and Gender_(London: Sage Publications, 1997).

Thompson, E.P. _The Making of the English Working Class_

Other Suggestions:

Margot Winer, anthropologist at St. Mary's has been doing work on British colonization of South Africa. Contact: mwiner@stmarys-ca.edu