Women as Civil War Spies Bibliography

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I am one of those European and world historians who knows very little about US history. A student of mine is interested in learning more about women who functioned as spies during the US Civil War. She has heard something about a Union side woman whose husband was killed, and the woman worked as a spy. My student is interested in women on either side, and how to find out more about them. Any help would be appreciated.


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Conrad, Earl book on Harriet Tubman

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Other Suggestions:

Biographies of Belle Boyd, Rose O'Neal Greenhow, and Pauline Cushman

Contact Selene Harding Curd Weise at drselene@aol.com for oral history on her great aunt and uncle's role in the Civil War.

Other books of interest: _Patriots in Disguise_, _The Woman In Battle: The Civil Ware Narrative of Loreta Janeta Velazquez, _Swindler, Spy, and Rebel_ and _Bonnet Brigades_.

The Diary of Belle Edmondson, Southern Historical Collection, U of North Carolina contact Dr.Richard Shrader,reference archivist.
e-mail: rashrade@mailserv0.isis.unc.edu

See also H-Women website for bibliographies and discussion threads on Women in the Civil War, Women in the War as Men, et al. URL is http://h-net.msu.edu/