Canadian Loyalist Accounts Bibliography

Query From Lynn Glazier 11 May 1998

I'm working with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on a 30 hour television series on Canadian history. A colleague is having difficulty finding many stories told by female Loyalists (ie: diaries, letters, journals) who came to the Maritimes or what was to become Upper Canada between 1775 and 1791. I'd appreciate any pointers or suggestions for our research.


Blakely, Phyllis R. and J.N. Grant, Eds. _Eleven Exiles: Accounts of Loyalists and the American Revolution_(Toronto: Dundurn Press, 1982).

Conrad, Margaret; T. Laidlaw; and D. Smyth, Eds. _No Place Like Home: Diaries and Letters of Nova Scotia Women, 1771-1938_ (Halifax: Formac, 1988).

Crary, Catherine S., Ed. _The Price of Loyalty: Tory Writings From the Revolutionary Era_(McGraw Hill, 1973).

Potter-MacKinnon, Jean _While the Women Only Wept:Loyalist Refugee Women in Eastern Ontario_(Montreal and Kingston; McGill Queens U Press, 1993).

Other Suggestions:

See article on Loyalists' post-Revolutionary emigration to least twenty years ago in _National Geographic_--and I seem to recall it included women's recollections.

Letter of Nancy Jean Cameron, Broadalbin, New York, to Mrs. Kenneth MacPherson, Perthshire, Scotland, 15 May 1785, pp. 411-412 (reprinted from the Papers of Mrs. D.J. MacPherson in the Public Archives of Canada). [See above book edited by Crary]

The University of New Brunswick spent quite a bit of money about 5 years ago or so to preserve the papers of many generations of the Winslow family. They left Massachusetts late in the Revolution and settled in Canada. The papers may have something that is helpful to your project. The collection, I believe, is cataloged under the name "Kenelm Winslow.

As you may already know, the work of Janice McKinnon, some of which appears as authored by Janice Potter, is extremely valuable on women Loyalists. Unless she's changed portfolios lately, she's the very able Minister of Finance for the Province of Saskatchewan now (on leave from University of Saskatchewan), and would be glad to give you some assistance, I'm sure.

Mary Beth Norton, an American historian, also worked on Loyalist women about 15 years ago

Katherine M. J. McKenna has a book length study of Anne Powell and her family (Ontario loyalists)

Try looking in "Th Literary Garland", subtitled in 1840 "A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Advancement of General Literature," also subtitled "Canadian" (or sometimes "North American") Magazine," Montreal 1838-51, 13v in Microfilm: index by Mary Markham Brown, 1962, in ts, Bibliographical Society of Canada. The daughters of Hannah Webster Foster, and the Strickland sisters, all wrote for it.