Jewish Women in Brazil Bibliography

Query From Debora T. Krebs 08 June 1998

Hello..My desire is to learn how Jewish women retained familiar and collective identity when they cam to Brazil during the Second World War. I'm using Katherine Morris' _Odyssey of Exile: Jewish Women Who Fled the Nazis to Brazil_ and some articles about identity (Claude Levi-Strauss, etc). I'm really in need of something that talks directly about Jewish women. It can be about gender studies, oral interviews, etc. I would appreciate any help. Thank you!


Morpurgo, Alma, L'esilio 1939-1955 : ricordi dal Cile, 1997 Hepner H., Lore. "Respuesta a Albert--" : una cronica familiar

Santiago, Chile : 1990
Wojak, Irmtrud. Exil in Chile : die deutsch-judische und politische

Emigration wahrend des Nationalsozialismus 1933-1945, Berlin 1994
Guggenheim M., Carlos. Refugiados, inmigrados, nuevos chilenos

extracto de una charla desarrollada en un circulo intelectual / 1942
Agosin, Marjorie. A cross and a star : memoirs of a Jewish

girl in Chile / 1995 (I don't know though if her family fled the Nazis)

Nosotras somos. (Journal of the Federacion WIZO de Chile) Also, you might want to check the publications of the Sociedad Cultural Israelita

Kaplan, Marion her work on German Jewish women and the theoretical problems of Jewish identity